Friday, March 9, 2018

Roo's Gotcha Day { 1 Year Anniversary }

 One year ago, my amazing Hubby was in Polk City, Florida to pick up our
new baby boy.

After my Rusty passed away on March 1, 2017, I decided I needed a new baby to
love. I knew I only wanted another red dachshund. No  other color or breed would
do. At this time, there were only TWO red miniature dachshunds in the southeast,
and after looking at pictures and talking to the breeders, we knew the baby in Florida
was the one for me.

When Hubby got home with my little precious man, I couldn't believe how tiny he

 He only weighed 1.9 pounds!

 The breeder had named him Rusty when he was born, but I decided to call him Roo
instead. My Rusty's full name was Rusty Roo, so I named my new little precious
Rusty Roo as well, and we call him Roo. 

How could something so teeny tiny, make my heart feel happy again?!
It was definitely love at first sight!

Today, I celebrate having Roo for 1 year!

(I celebrate, Hubby and Miss S don't see the big deal, ha ha.)

Roo's 1st Thanksgiving...

Roo's 1st Christmas...

Look at my handsome little precious...

Roo turned ONE on January 7, 2018, and now weighs 10 pounds.

He gives me unconditional love, endless amounts of kisses, and limitless  reasons
to smile each day.

Roo fills my heart with love every single day!

I'm so grateful that Hubby was willing to make that 10+ hour drive one year
ago to bring my Roo home to me!

When I talk to you on Monday, I will be in Destin, Florida for Spring Break!

(As long as the internet works well, I will continue to blog on our regular
schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You know sometimes at large 
condos when hundreds of people are trying to access the internet, the service
can be hit or miss. If you don't hear from me, you will know that is the case.
Either way I will plan to take lots of pictures and video to share as soon as

Have a fantastic weekend!

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