Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter Fun For The Kiddos

Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way!

Not only does Easter represent a time to celebrate new beginnings and the resurrection 
of Christ, but also the arrival of the Easter bunny! 

With Easter right around the corner, make this year special by having your little ones 
write the Easter bunny a letter thanking him for all his hard work filling baskets and 
hiding eggs. 

Your kiddos may also enjoy leaving a snack for the Easter Bunny. Santa loves
getting cookies and milk, so why not leave carrots for the Easter Bunny?

Make your Easter morning extra fun by printing out Personal Creations’ bunny 
footprint templates. They come in three sizes, are super easy to create, 
and will create the illusion of the Easter Bunny’s footprints! 

Spread them throughout your house or backyard leading to treats for the children to 

All you'll need is the footprint template and a little flour. For full instructions,
click here.

Aren't they adorable? (Download bunny footprints here.)

The excitement on the kids faces when they wake up to see that the Easter Bunny 
came to visit will be priceless! Be sure to have your camera ready!

I hope these ideas will help make your Easter extra special this year. If you don't
have young children in your home, be sure to share these ideas with friends
and neighbors that do!

I'll see you Friday friends!

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