Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday Rambles

Goodness! I don't know about y'all but this Wednesday just popped up out of nowhere.

I had a Workout Wednesday video filmed for you but when I upgraded my phone
last Friday, only part of the video survived the upgrade. I would rather not post 1/2 a
workout video for you, ha! 

I spent two hours on the phone with Apple Support last night trying to figure out
why I am suddenly having issues uploading videos to YouTube, and have another
call back session scheduled for later today. Technology is a finicky thing! 

Other than that, I am also fighting allergy/cold issues. All this warm weather and
rain has lots of things blooming and my allergies are up in arms over it!

(It's going to be in the low 80's for the next 3 days! Craziness!)

Also, I am taking down Valentine decor today, but am unsure of what will
replace it. It seems a little early for Spring decor, but too late for Winter decor.
Since Easter is April 1, I don't want to decorate for that this early. Hmmm...
what to do, what to do?

If I can get a workout filmed today, (and get it to upload) I will update here this evening. 
Otherwise, I will see you all back here on Friday!

Oh my! I better go! The doggies are currently shredding brown leaves 
all over my ivory shag rug!  Now I can add vacuuming to my list of
"to do's!"

Thanks for reading my Wednesday rambles! See you Friday! :)

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