Friday, February 23, 2018

It's Fri-yay!

I am so thrilled today is Friday! 

My plans for the day include three main things:

1.  staying HOME

2.  getting rid of this headache

3.  conquering laundry mountain

Thanks to the large amounts of rain and 70 - 80 degree temperatures we have been 
having lately, our area is being taken over by pollen. Everything is blooming,
and my allergies were totally unprepared for this. If I had known this was coming,
I could have gotten back on my allergy medicines and been prepared for the attack.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a head start on things, so I have been hit with a nice
sized sinus headache. 

I'm going to try a couple of videos to see if I can get a little natural relief.

(I don't have a migraine, but the video did look like it would help any type of headache.
I'd say it's worth a try!)

I also have plenty of laundry to put away. Luckily most everything is washed, but
there is plenty to put away.

Those are my plans for the day. Nothing too exciting, but I am good with it. I
am looking forward to my stay home day. Stay home days are good for my soul!

Miss S isn't coming home this weekend, but she did invite us to come to Auburn
to go to church with her. I am excited that she invited us, and even more
excited that we get to go! I am so happy she has a church that she loves, and
that she wants to share with us.

I am trying to get back to vlogging again. Having the trouble this week with
getting videos to upload kind of broke my momentum, but I plan to be back
on YouTube again very soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you on Monday!

If you are prone to allergies, go ahead and start on your meds. I must warn you,
the pollen is coming!

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