Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Two Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday y'all!

First of all, we are on the lookout for snow and ice in our area today.

I am so very thankful that I am not scheduled to work today so I can wait this
winter storm out from the warmth and comfort of my own home.

All schools in our area are closed today, as are many businesses. Hopefully
all of the precautions that were taken will help prevent another dramatic and 
terrifying event like the one we had in 2014 from occuring. Those memories
are plenty fresh and I hope to never go through anything like it again!

Secondly, it just occurred to me that we are already 16 days in to January and I
haven't even shown you pictures of my winter mantel. I have got to get on that
because in a few days it will be time to decorate for Valentines Day. Goodness,
January is off to a mighty brisk pace! 

(It is dark and dreary outside today which would make for terrible, blurry, dark pictures, 
so I will get those winter decor pictures done as soon as we have sunshine again!)

While I am home today, I am working on three new videos for my YouTube
channel. I'm filming a Weekly Vlog, and editing my first ever "Clean With Me" 
video. I also need to film and edit a Workout Wednesday video, so be on the 
lookout for all of these coming very soon!

Thanks for reading today and stay warm!

How's the weather looking where you are today?

Do you have any video requests?

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