Monday, January 29, 2018

Rainy Weekend Recap

Despite Saturday being a rainy day, it was a fun and happy day. Hubby stayed
home and spent the day with me! Normally he is up and out in a tree stand or
duck blind on Saturday mornings, but this weekend he decided to stay home
and spend some quality time with me. 

I stayed warm and snuggly in the bed until the last possible moment, so the no
makeup look was my chosen look of the day, ha ha. Getting out from under the 
warm covers of a bed filled with sweet fur babies is not easy to do, especially 
on a rainy Saturday morning.

Finally I was out of bed and ready to go in under 20 minutes! Yay me!

We started the day off by heading to Waffle House for breakfast. We had a
really great breakfast and were fueled for the day.

Our next stop was Lowe's. While Hubby was looking for what he needed, I spotted
some LED Daylight light bulbs. I am hoping they will help brighten up my workout
space and improve the quality of our Workout Wednesday videos. The lights are
definitely bright, so I am interested to see if we can notice a difference when I
film this week.

After Lowe's we headed to Walmart for a new printer. The print head on ours went
kaput, so this time we opted for a Kodak printer rather than the HP printer. Our last
two printers have been HP, and we just don't feel that they lasted as long as they 
should have for the small amount of use that they get from our home use.

Later Saturday afternoon, I finished editing and uploaded my Valentine Decor
Tour. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here.

Also, as of yesterday, we are up to Season 6, episode 6 of Blue Bloods on Netflix.

I think those were about all the highlights of our weekend.

Today, before I sign off, I want to wish my 
wonderful Daddy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
I hope you have a great day and many, many 
more happy birthdays!!!

I will see all of you again on Wednesday!

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