Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Review Of The Hamilton Beach Flex Brew

Y'all know how much I love a good cup of coffee. It's basically what lures me out of
my comfy, snuggly bed each morning! 

Prior to Miss S moving away to college last fall, we had a regular coffee pot and also a
Keurig coffee maker. It kind of bothered me having two coffee makers on my counter
top, but on most mornings, I prefer to use a regular size coffee maker because I
typically drink two cups of coffee each morning. (I feel like it's more frugal to make
a small carafe of coffee, rather than using two K-cups, also when Miss S went to 
college, our Keurig went with her.)

As the weather has turned quite cool lately, I have found myself wanting a K-cup 
coffee maker again so I can easily make a single cup of coffee mid-afternoon.

I didn't want to have the issue of two coffee makers again. Since I had a little 
Christmas cash on hand, I headed over to Walmart to see what my coffee making 
options were.

I liked the looks of the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew coffee maker.

So far I have been extremely happy with my purchase. I love having the option for making
either a carafe of coffee or a single cup using a K-cup. This machine also has a filter so I
can use any ground coffee to make a single cup. This filter also seems like it will be
easier to clean than the one that I had with the Keurig.

This machine was also extremely easy to program. I never did figure out how to set my
old coffee maker to have coffee ready for me when I woke up. With the Hamilton Beach
Flex Brew, I have the luxury of waking up to a fresh pot of coffee each morning.

The only difference we have noticed is with the speed of brewing a single cup.
The Keurig kept water hot at all times, so brewing was instant. With the Hamilton
Beach Flex Brew, you have to add water to the single cup side when you are ready
to use it, so it does take a couple of minutes to let the water heat up before brewing.

What type of coffee maker do you use?

Are you a K-cup or full carafe fan?

(I purchased this coffee maker on my own. Also, all opinions are my own.)

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