Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mascots and Mantels

Not only did we have snow in the Birmingham area on Tuesday and Wednesday,
Miss S got snow on The Plains

Our snow started around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Miss S waited and waited and
finally gave up hope of seeing any snow. Finally the snow started falling in
Auburn around 10:30 Tuesday evening. She was overjoyed!

On Wednesday morning, with the entire campus shut down, the students were
out in droves to have some fun in the snow. The snow play became even more  
exciting when the Auburn mascot, Aubie joined the fun!

And you all know my girl. If you don't take pictures with your friends, were you really
even there?

Miss S and her roomie...

Miss S and two of her Alpha Gam sisters...

If you are wondering which girl is Miss S, well she would be the one without 
anything covering her head. 

Shaking my head... what am I going to do with her?

She owns a toboggan hat, she owns a head wrap to cover her ears, and the jacket she 
is wearing has a hood on it. I'm going to make myself feel a little better and say that
she was wearing the hood and only took it off for a second to take these pictures.
Thinking that makes me feel a little less like a failure as a parent, anyway.

Also, with Valentines Day less than a month away, I figured it was time to finally show
you a little of my Winter decor.

Our winter mantel...

And the shelf in the foyer dressed for winter...

I think it's about time to put the little "Let it snow" wreath away, ha ha!

I will be decorating for Valentines Day soon, and hopefully I will be able to capture
that both on camera and on video. Stay tuned!

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