Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Currently... Plus A Workout Wednesday!

Snow began at our house around 3:30 yesterday afternoon...

Temperatures dropped quickly and we are facing a sheet of ice on our walkways 
and roads this morning. The high temperature today is only 31, so I'm not sure how
much the icy conditions will improve today.

This is our current temperature...

My parents got even more snow that we did at their house...

Miss S is pretty excited that classes are cancelled at Auburn today and that they
got a good bit of snow too. I haven't seen pictures of Auburn yet, but she is very 

A Workout Wednesday is uploaded and ready for you! Y'all! Try this one for sure.
I had fun creating it, and it kicked my booty! I'm still tired from filming it, ha ha.

Also, check our my first ever Clean With Me video...

I'm loving making these videos so please remember to let me know what other
videos you would like to see.

I'll see you tomorrow!

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