Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! I know we are already four days into January 2018, but
I realized that we didn't talk about Christmas over here on the blog. Let's take a quick
look at our Christmas 2017 before we get any farther along into the new year. We had
a very merry one and I hope all of you did too.

Let's take a look...

- Christmas Eve at Mimi's -

After church on Sunday, we had our Christmas celebration at Hubby's mom and step dad's 
house. Hubby's sister and our two nephews were there too. My sister-in-law was kind 
enough to take this picture for us.

Miss S is happily posing in her new shoes that were a Christmas gift from Miss S to
Miss S, lol. When Free People has a sale, she buys without remorse, ha ha. Our girl
loves Free People (and lululemon too as you will see in a bit).

You can also watch this vlog that shows a more in depth look at our entire Christmas Eve.
And where else can you see Santa arrive in a fire truck?!

- Christmas Eve night -

Christmas Eve night, Hubby, Miss S and I opened our presents to each other. We have
always done our Christmas opening on Christmas Eve because we are usually traveling
on Christmas Day.

Here is a look at our Christmas Eve night...

Hunter and Roo are watching the kittens and puppies during Hallmark's Happy Yule Log

When we opened our presents Miss S found lots more lulu goodness. (I won't bore you with
pictures of every single lulu item!)

Miss S got a pillow with a squirrel on it! The Alpha Gam mascot is a squirrel, so she had to
show her sorority hand sign as she posed for this pic...

Even Shelley joined us for opening presents...

I believe Roo very much enjoyed his 1st Christmas...

- Saturday after Christmas -

Miss S and I went to my parents house on the Saturday after Christmas. My dad was
just getting over the flu on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we went on Saturday
when he was feeling better. Unfortunately Hubby got the flu too a couple of days after
Christmas and was trying to get over it so he was unable to go with us.

Here are a few pictures from our day...

Miss S with more lulu leggings...

Auburn shirts all around...

even one for this University of Alabama grad...


And here I am with the gift that has been on my wish list for quite a while...

We had a very happy holiday despite the extremely cold weather and the unfortunate
bouts of sickness.

How was your holiday?

What was your favorite memory from Christmas 2017?

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