Monday, December 4, 2017

What a Week!

Goodness, it has been a little minute since I have been here with you all.

What a stressful week we have had!

Last Tuesday, Miss S went to the doctor thinking she had the flu. Before she
even finished signing in at the doctor's office, she collapsed. The nurses
worked with her for over an hour, and then called us to let us know they
were going to send her by ambulance to the hospital in Opelika.

Life became one big blur at that point!

I was driving to work when I got the call from the doctor's office. 

I remember asking the nurse to please call my husband to give him all
the details as I made a U-turn to head back home.

I called to let work know that I would not be coming in, and rushed home to
pack a bag to head to Opelika.

Hubby met me at home, packed his bag, and then the drive to Opelika began.
A typical 2 hour drive, took us about 90 minutes! Hubby was as upset and
worried as I was.

Finally we got to the ER to be with our girl. They did lots of blood work, a chest
x-ray, and a cat scan of her head due to her fall when she collapsed.

Her test results showed that she tested positive for mono. After finishing
the prescribed amount of IV fluids she was released to our care to come
home, drink lots of fluids and stay in bed.

That's exactly what we did, but her fever climbed higher and higher,
and she became weaker and weaker.

I took her back to the doctor on Thursday, here in Birmingham, and the
nurses had to use a wheelchair to get her into the office. My sweet girl
could not even stand without almost passing out again. She was so sick
and pitiful, and I was an absolute nervous wreck. It is so painful to look at
your child and see them in misery, but not know how to help them, I was
so scared.

I wish I could have thought of this Bible verse at the time...

The doctor called another ambulance to take Miss S to the ER at a hospital here 
in  Birmingham. At least this time I was able to ride in the ambulance with her.
We spent the rest of the day there getting more IV fluids, medicine for pain 
and inflammation, more blood work, and more tests.

This is when we discovered Miss S also, in addition to mono, has the flu.
No wonder my baby girl was so, so miserable,

Saturday morning she woke up to pink eye in her right eye, and then on
Sunday morning, she had it in BOTH eyes.

We headed back to the doctor, and it turns out that the pink eye was kind
of a blessing in disguise. The doctor took one look at her and said she needed
2 more IV bags of fluids. Yesterday turned out to be another long, scary day.

This mama's stress meter has officially registered off the charts!

I had lots of fun things planned for this little blog of mine, for the beginning of
December, but of course family comes first. I will blog as I can, but it most likely 
will be sporadic for the next week or so. I am so glad we decorated for Christmas 
early, or else we would not be able to decorate this year.

Please keep my little family in your thoughts and prayers. I sure appreciate
it and all of you wonderful readers!

I am claiming the power of this verse...

I hope to see you all here again soon! Thank you for all your sweet comments
and messages.

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