Thursday, December 28, 2017

Something To Think About Before Setting Goals For 2018

You know what time it is. As December winds down and we start to put away our 
Christmas decor to declutter and freshen our space for the new year, we also start to 
think about the goals we want to set and the things we want to change and improve 
in 2018.

Probably the majority of people are thinking about setting goals for diets, weight
loss, and work outs. Before you waste time setting more of those lofty, unrealistic,
and unhealthy goals, let me offer something to think about...

I am not talking about an allergy or medical condition that requires you to avoid 
a certain food. I am talking about those diets that say that you can't eat fruit because
it has sugar. I am referring to the diets that make you eliminate all carbs, or all fats,
or whatever the case may be.

This brings me to my next point....
Y'all it really is this straight forward. Eat a variety of proteins, fruits, vegetables,
carbs, and fats. Then make sure you work out as often as you can, doing an exercise
that you enjoy. 

If you do those things regularly, without "going on" or "going off" a plan, you will
reach a healthy weight and feel good.

Do you need to join XYZ gym, or buy This or That meal plan, or use a cetain
supplement each day to magically reach a healthy weight?

Remember this...

A good diet is one that you can do today, tomorrow, next week, and next year. Sure, maybe
you can cut all carbs and lose weight fairly quickly. Should you do that? In my opinion,
no. Why not? Because how long are you really going to be able to live like that? And
when you are completely sick of living like that, you all know what will happen.

The weight will come right back and bring additional weight back with it.

So what should we do to be healthier and reach a healthy weight that is maintainable?

Stop jumping on the latest diet craze and simply make healthier choices.

Do you drink a soda each day? If so, change that to a soda a week, and drink more
water instead.

Do you eat fast food a couple of times a week? If so, have it only one time
every other week.

Focus on eating more foods that are high in vitamins and nutrients. Put some thought
into your meal planning so you don't find yourself in the kitchen with a bag of chips
or cookies while you stress over dinner.

Yes I am talking to myself here too. I definitely need to take my own advice!

But at the same time...

I don't know about you, but I want more out of life that constantly thinking about
diets and exercise plans. Yes, those things are important, and yes you will see both
of them from this blog in 2018, but I also want to focus on the bigger picture.

I want to make a habit in 2018 of counting my blessings each and every day. I have 
already bought a notebook that I want to write down things I am grateful for each

This next idea is so powerful to me. 

In a world that is so driven by social media, and women are know by their ability to 
create a perfectly decorated and clean home, or a perfectly coordinated and fashionable 
outfit, by having a hairstyle that always looks like they spend hours each day in a salon, 
and makeup that looks like it was done by a celebrity makeup artist, I believe that I would
rather be described this way...

In 2017, our world proved that we need to see so much more of this.

Let's be kind to ourselves, and be kind to others in 2018. Let's keep the love
and magic that we feel at Christmastime alive all year.

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