Thursday, December 21, 2017

Movies, Coffee, and a Nap

Christmas Eve is coming soon.... literally, and I have not watched even one
of my favorite movies for this time of year. I have watched most new movies
on the Hallmark Channel, but I am way behind on my other yearly favorites.

I have got to get focused because there are 5 movies that I just can't miss
watching at Christmas time. They are...

Home Alone 


Christmas Vacation

Christmas with the Kranks 

The Santa Clause

I may not have watched my favorite movies yet, but I have been drinking one of
my favorite Christmas coffees.

This one is really hard to find in decaf, so when I found it at Publix while grocery
shopping on Tuesday, I quickly grabbed a bag and tossed it in the shopping cart.
Why didn't I grab 2? Well, that is a question I am still asking myself!

Last night while I was watching a movie on Hallmark, I looked over to see Hunter
napping like this...

How can that be comfortable?

If you are wondering about Roo, he is hidden in the pile of blankets that you see
on the floor. Roo would rather be hidden under blankets that anywhere else in
the house.

On Facebook this morning, this photo popped up in my news feed as a memory from
2 years ago...

Just look at our sweet Rusty and Drake.

Here is a similar pose we took this year at Thanksgiving.

(I had hoped to use this picture to make into a Christmas card this year, 
but it just didn't happen. I hope friends and family will understand that we just 
had too much going on with getting Miss S healthy and through her finals to 
even think about ordering and addressing cards.) 

But I am happy that we were able to take the picture. It's amazing how much has
changed in 2 years.

I love our little family! Too bad we couldn't get Miss Shelley in the
picture too. We all know cats can't be bothered by such things as family
photos, ha ha.

Can you all believe Christmas Eve is coming on Sunday?

What are your favorite movies to watch during Christmas time?

Have an awesome day!

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