Monday, December 18, 2017

I'm Thankful and Home Sweet Home

I am so thankful to be home sweet home today. I am also thankful to have this beautiful
view AND that Miss S is home for 3 weeks!

I think these 2 are also happy to have Mommy and Sissy home!

This was our view on Friday as we headed out of Auburn when Fall semester final exams
were done.

I was so relieved that Miss S was done and would be home for 3 weeks.

(I am trying really hard not to think about how heartbroken I am going to feel
when she has to go back in January.)

I am thankful that she is feeling better. The combo of flu, mono, urinary tract
infection, and pink eye in both eyes just about did us all in. That was a scary 2 
weeks. Now I just need to make her rest and take care of herself so we won't 
ever have a repeat of that.

(I'm so thankful that I was able to stay with her and nurse her back to health, 
and that she was well enough to get those finals behind her!)

Thankfully, the only sickness I got from being in and out of doctors and
hospitals with Miss S was just a cold. Thankfully I am feeling okay now, except
for having laryngitis. I have not been able to speak a sound in 5 days now.

Y'all! This is so frustrating!!

Miss S can hear my whispers and understand my charades but poor Hubby is
completely lost. He can't hear me, he can't figure out what I am trying to say,
and we are both getting quite annoyed. 

But, I know we will get through this in a few days and things and will have
something to laugh about.

It seems like our anniversary is a prime time for something crazy to happen!

Tomorrow will be our 25th wedding anniversary and I have no voice! Won't
that be a fun time?!

This makes me think of our 13th wedding anniversary when I had just had surgery
to have my gallbladder removed and was in pain, and then he and Miss S both 
came down with the stomach virus. I remember a sweet friend from church 
stopped by and dropped off Charmin and Lysol on our porch, lol! 
What an anniversary memory!

With that story in mind, I think I don't feel quite as upset about my laryngitis!

We celebrated our anniversary with my parents yesterday after church. We all
went to lunch and they brought this beautiful cake for our dessert.

My wonderful parents also gave us a very nice and much needed gift. After 25 years
of cooking, our cookware had seen better days. They got us an amazing new set of 

So, even though I can't talk and communicate with the people I love, I would say
we had a pretty good weekend overall. With homecomings, gifts, and cake, our 
weekend couldn't have been too bad, ha ha!

How was your weekend?

Have you ever had laryngitis? 

What are you thankful for today?

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I have the exact same cookware! Two years ago right after Christmas, my husband saw it was marked down and bought it. At the time I didn't think I needed any because the old pans seemed fine. But I'm so glad I have them. I put paper towels between them in the cabinet.

    1. And yet another thing we have in common, lol. Great tip about the paper towels. Thank you.


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