Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gift Ideas For The Happy Homebody

In the spirit of the season, lets continue our gift giving trend with some gift ideas
for the person in your life that loves to be at home. As a homebody myself, I can
tell you that many of these items would also appear on my list of favorite things.

Let's take a look...

1.  If you have been around here for more than about 30 seconds, you know that I love
candles, especially Bath & Body candles. Two of my favorite scents around
Christmas time are Spiced Apple Toddy and Tis the Season. If you come to 
my house, I can guarantee that one of these will be burning.

2.  Harry and David has so many wonderful treats for any time of the year, and I know
you will find something that your special homebody will love. Two of my 
absolute favorite coffee flavors are their Moose Munch, and their Northwest
Blend. Either (or both) of those coffees would make a delightful gift for
the coffee drinking homebody in your life.

3.  Once they brew a prize worthy pot of Harry and David coffee, they will need an
adorable coffee mug. Isn't this one perfect? I mean really, "let's stay home" 
is every homebody's favorite expression. 

4. Any homebody would appreciate a yummy little snack. This Holiday Drizzle
Caramel Popcorn would be perfect for a night in spent watching favorite 
Christmas movies.

5. Another homebody in your life may enjoy a set of festive holiday wine glasses.
Maybe instead of sipping a warm cup of coffee, they would prefer a nice glass
of wine while they relax in a cozy spot with a juicy read.

6.  Two of my all time favorite Christmas movies are Christmas With The Kranks
and Home Alone. I also love The Santa Clause. I have shopped around online a
bit, and have found that Target usually has the lowest prices on DVD's. If you
have a homebody in your life, why not add to their DVD collection?

7.  No night in is complete without super cozy, soft, snuggly accessories. A couple 
of these pillows would make an awesome gift for the person in your life that
prefers to snuggle up and be cozy.

8.  We all know a cozy pillow, needs a cozy blanket to go with it. You might as well
add a blanket like this one to complete the experience. Your special homebody
may never leave home again!

9.  If your homebody is also cold-natured, then these socks may be just what
they need for warm and toasty toes. Before Miss S got her Uggs as an 
early Christmas present from her sweet Mamaw, she wore socks similar 
to these almost everyday while walking to classes and to the library! 
Apparently the weather outside is chilly on The Plains!

10.  If family movie night is your idea of a fun Friday night then a pair of
warm and cozy flannel pajamas makes the perfect gift. 

11.  If the homebody on your list is anything like me, then a new pair of soft 
and comfy slippers is always welcomed. I love house shoes as much as I
love running shoes! Apparently I'm all about being comfortable!

I hope this guide was able to provide you with a little inspiration for what to
get the special homebody in your life. I think any one of these would be a hit.

I am ready for everyone in our house to be well, and for exams to be over
so we can truly exhale and relax. I still have some shopping to do, and my
"to do list" has grown completely out of control.

I keep repeating to myself, "One thing at a time, one day at a time."

How is your holiday season going?

Is everyone in your house staying well?

Do you have a homebody to shop for?

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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