Monday, December 11, 2017

$15 and Under ~ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Looking for the perfect little gift to give someone? Do you need just a few more items 
to hideaway inside a stocking? Then this is the post for you!

1.   Graphic Mug

1.  Miss S has a friend that would absolutely flip for this mug. We probably need to 
find a little minute to go ahead and order this one before it's gone.

2.  I have not actually tried this Rose Salve yet, but have heard SO MANY people
absolutely rave over it. It's supposed to work miracles on chapped lips, and 
dry cuticles. For the price, I am kicking myself for not picking one up.

3.  Miss S and her friends have raved over these traceless hair rings for a couple of
years now. As usual, I am a little late to the party, ha. Now that I am growing 
my hair out, I could definitely use these. They come in 7 colors, plus clear, 
so you can buy them to match your hair or your outfit. I am putting these 
on my wish list for sure.

4.  You know unicorns are at the top of so many girls wish list right now. Unicorns
are now what Hello Kitty was a few years ago. I am sure you know someone 
who is crazy over the magic of unicorns. I keep picturing a super girly 
white Christmas tree decorated with pink, silver, and unicorns. If I had 
a space for an over the top girly tree, I would be all over that idea!

5.  And if I had a MacBook, then this keyboard would certainly be on my wish list. 
If you know a girl with a MacBook, then this gift idea just might
be what you've been looking for.

6.  Another little gift you can't go wrong with is this lip shimmer set from Burt's
Bees. These lip shimmers are 100% natural and packaged perfectly for a
stocking stuffer. 

7.  It's a bath fizzy, and it's from Bath & Body Works. Need I say more?
What's not to love?!

8.  This gold sparkle mini cosmetic case is just adorable. I think it would be
perfect to hold those little items that get lost in the bottom of your purse.
And with the gold sparkle, it just might bring a smile to your face every
time you reach for it.

9.  e.l.f has some great makeup brushes and who could resist a set of them when
they are packaged so festively? I think this would be a great gift for makeup
lovers of all ages.

I hope you enjoyed this Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea post and were able to
find a few ideas to help you out with your holiday shopping.

Y'all! Christmas is just so close! I have so much left to do.

What about you? Are you still shopping? 

Are you finished?

Have you started?

Comment below and share your ideas for more stocking stuffers.

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