Friday, November 3, 2017

Weekly Wins a.k.a Friday Favorites

I was browsing online yesterday and looking at various planner styles. One planner
had a weekly page with a spot to write in your wins from the week. I loved
that idea and think it is just too good not to incorporate into some area of my

So, for this post I will share a few of my favorite things from the week, or we
could also call these my "wins for the week."

- 1 -

Family time is always a "win" in my book. 

I loved spending time with our officially initiated Alpha Gamma Delta girl 
on Sunday at the celebratory dinner known as the Feast of Roses. If you missed
the blog post on that, you can see more here.

- 2 -

Another win for the week was this easy take on the typically hard to eat caramel 
apple. I simply bought some caramel dip, sliced an apple and just like that a 
delicious snack was ready to serve and my craving for a caramel apple was

- 3 -

Halloween was a definite win for me this year! Not only did Hubby cook dinner
for me, (we had grilled wings and fries) but he also brought me roses.

I will happily accept the role of pampered and spoiled wife ANY day of
the year!

- 4 -

And last but not least, another win for the week was being discharged from
physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis, which also happened on Halloween day.
I still need to continue my stretches at home, but it is nice not to have to pay for 
and keep a set appointment time each week.

Wow! Who knew Halloween would be such a fantastic day this year?

I would love to hear about your wins this week. Leave a comment and tell me 
at least one win from your week. This was a fun and happy blog post to write. 
Hmmm. You just might see this idea again! ;)

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. A great third week of my new job! :)

    What planner(s) are you looking at? I use an Erin Condren vertical Life Planner and have been using one for 8 years now. I love the company!

    Amy @

    1. Congratulations on a new job that you are loving!

      I have looked at so many planners! I have never taken the plunge to purchase an Erin Condren, but have looked at them online many times.


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