Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Truth Tuesday - With Interruptions

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I believe I have shared this with you all before, but I am still loving and drinking
this Pumpkin Spice coffee on the daily!

I tried to mix things up and also ordered this Vanilla Creme Brulee flavor, but 
unfortunately I was not a big fan.

available here

I won't let it go to waste though. I will probably buy a bag of plain coffee and just add
a scoop or two to the regular to add a hint of vanilla without being 100% vanilla. I
liked this flavor last year, but for some reason this year, it just was not my favorite.

Well, I had planned to share much more here today, but these two are acting
like maniacs this morning!

Don't they look guilty?!

Can you even see the little red dachshund?

That little red wild man is 10 months old today! I think he must know because he
and his brother are in rare form.

Poor Shelley wants to lock both of them outside!

And no, Shelley is absolutely not on our kitchen table. (Oops. #RealLife. Sorry Dad. 
I know you are cringing right now as you see this! Don't worry, I will use 
Clorox wipes!)

I am hoping to be able to get a special edition post ready for you tomorrow,
but my to do list seems to be growing before my eyes. We will cross our fingers
and hope I can get that ready for you! If not, I will definitely see you again on 

Thanks for reading this post despite the puppy interruptions! Y'all truly are
the best!

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