Tuesday, November 14, 2017

To Try Tuesday

Today I want to share with you an idea I found while wasting time browsing on 
Pinterest yesterday.

This is a list of tips for doing a quick speed clean of your home. I thought this might
just come in handy for any of you that have family heading your way for the holidays. 
This could very well be what I will be doing on Wednesday evening before 

The only idea I would change from this helpful little list would be the laundry
basket idea. I do see how this would come in handy for unexpected guests
but for me, knowing there was a basket filled with random stuff that had been
hidden in a closet would bother me. I like the idea of using it to quickly corral
the things that are out of place, but I would like to allow a few extra minutes
to return everything to its rightful spot. If things don't have a rightful spot,
then it is probably time to declutter! Which brings me back to where I am today,

I decluttered with no rhyme or reason yesterday, and was quite irritable by dinner
time. Because I did not use an organized system for decluttering, I moved, 
reorganized, or tossed probably 30-40 items, but because I had done this so 
sporadically, nothing looked noticeably different.

I desperately need to put a plan in motion and work on one room, or one area
at a time. Hopping all over the house caused nothing more than exhaustion
and chaos!

On the bright side, I did get in a workout yesterday! Working out was actually 
the bright spot in my day. 

Check back tomorrow for a Workout Wednesday video!

Have an awesome day!

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