Thursday, November 9, 2017

Missing My Creativity

Happy Thursday all!

It's a rainy, cloudy, kind of dreary and cool day here today. I think my creativity
level is a direct correlation to our weather because I have been trying to come up
with something fun, witty or worthwhile to blog about for almost two hours now.

I have finally come to terms with the fact that nothing fabulous is going to pop
into my mind this morning, so I am here just to say hello and do a quick check

Nothing particularly eventful happened yesterday. I just trained some clients,
worked a health coaching shift, and stopped by the grocery store. The grocery
store was as crowded as it might be the day before Thanksgiving, so I have no
clue what that was about. The store even had a sheriff on duty patrolling inside
the store. I got what was on my list and headed for the "10 items or less"
checkout and was on my way as fast as possible.

Today I have several things I need to get done around the house. Those
little "to do's" never go away, do they?!

I also kind of want to take down my fall decor just to "cleanse my pallet" 
before it is time for the Christmas decor to go up. I don't think I have ever
gotten tired of my fall decor before, so maybe someone should check my

I will share a quick picture of my boys and then I will let you get back to
your own "to do's"...

They spend a great deal of time just like this. Two peas in a pod, never too far

See what I mean? Two more pictures in almost the identical pose.

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday. If I come across something fun to share, 
I will see you here tomorrow. 

I never want to bore you, so if you don't see me tomorrow, I will be back 
with you on Monday!

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