Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Koffee With Kristian

Hey guys and welcome to Koffee With Kristian!

I'm going to ramble a bit about what's going on in our lives and also share some
of my random thoughts with you. 

Let's pretend we met for coffee! You would ask me how I am, and what's going on 
with me, and here are some of the things I would say...

*  My back is so stiff and I am so over it! What causes stiffness anyway? Does
that mean there is inflammation? Gosh I wish I had a doctor in the family.

*  Today will be my first day back at work since I re-hurt (is that a word?) my
back last Monday. I hope I can pretty much get in and out mostly unnoticed. Being
a personal trainer that walks like a 95 year old grandmother is probably not great
for business. (I would likely roll my eyes at some point during this statement.)

* Miss S is driving herself to the doctor this morning, in Auburn. She feels and 
sounds awful and is afraid she has the flu. I am a mess because I want to be there 
taking care of her right now. College is cruel. Why do we encourage our children 
to go? I need to be with my child so I can make sure she gets better. 

*  If you could see my house right now, you would feel sorry for me. It was so
clean and presentable just 4 days ago. I had lots of help getting it ready to host 
Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.  Now that everyone has gone back to
their regular routine, I am left with a mess. Basically if I have used it in the past 
week it is now sitting out on a counter top. Bending hurts, so anything I might 
need to use is sitting out at waist level. Talk about clutter. Ugh, I can't even.
(again, more eye rolling)

Hubby had to buy a new heating pad for me because Roo chewed through
the electrical cord of our old one. Thankfully it was not plugged in at the time!
That story could have gone from comedy to tragedy in a hurry.

*  I don't mean to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself because I know a back
strain is a very mild inconvenience compared to what some people are 
experiencing. It just stinks because I was super excited about adding the
fitness component to the blog and to my YouTube channel, and now I find
myself sidelined. I don't want to let that idea fall by the wayside, so I plan
to film again as soon as humanly possible! Don't give up on me!

Thank you so much for having coffee with me today.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well i’m not a doctor, but I am an orthopedic nurse! Heat and ibuprofen to calm inflammation and consider asking your primary doctor for a muscle relaxer if you’re still having issues (assuming you don’t already take one). Hope you feel better! :)

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! Back pain is SOOO annoying!


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