Monday, November 27, 2017

Fur Babies and Football - A Weekend Recap

Hello again friends and family! According to the calendar, it is a new week,
and Thanksgiving Break has come and gone. Somehow I blinked and the
seven days that Miss S was home passed by in a flash.

With my back flare up, we weren't able to do all the things that I had planned
to do, but it was still wonderful to have Miss S home.

On Thanksgiving Day, Hubby had the idea to be silly and recreate a photo from
many Thanksgivings ago. Our girl may not be quite as easy to hold these days,
but in our hearts she will always be our little girl.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday afternoon, and time for Miss S to head back
to Auburn.

Hunter was feeling the same way Hubby and I were...

"No Sissy, don't go!"

I thought I had a better grip on this whole "letting go" thing, but as she drove away
my heart hurt just as bad as it did when we left her in Auburn on Move-In day back 
in August. 

Saturday, was a big day for Miss S. Her very first Iron Bowl game as an Auburn student.

This was her view at the game...

Here is Miss S with her sweet friend AG. Aren't they just the cutest?!

We certainly enjoyed having AG visit us during Thanksgiving Break. She is such
a sweetheart.

The game turned out great for Miss S, but it was a hard game for this Bama grad to
watch.  The furbabies will now demonstrate how I looked as I watched the game...

Hunter is demonstrating phase 1 ----  annoyance 

Roo is demonstrating phase 2 ---- bury your head because Bama looks bad

Shelley is demonstrating phase 3 ----  who cares about football anyway

But seriously,  I was really happy that Miss S's team won! What a memory for 
her and all her friends.

This was the view from Toomer's Corner of Auburn's campus on Sunday morning...

photo from James Spann's twitter

It's been a long standing tradition that Auburn fans roll the trees on Toomer's
Corner, and as you can see, they certainly did!

To read about the many fun traditions at Auburn University, you can

That was our weekend. I'm about to go do my physical therapy routine on my back. 
I spent many weeks in therapy four years ago with this same injury, so luckily 
I can recreate most of the treatment here at home. The worst part is that when 
a person has an injury, time and patience are two crucial steps to recovery.
Two things that most people (me) don't have much of!

Happy Monday everyone!

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