Monday, November 6, 2017

From Tiger Town To T-Town

Miss S had fun with friends in Tuscaloosa this past weekend.

The Auburn Tigers played Texas A&M in College Station, Texas on Saturday,
so several Auburn students headed to Tuscaloosa to see their friends from high
school that went to The University of Alabama. They had a mini high school 
reunion in T-Town!

Here is Miss S and her roomie, with two of her high school besties. Bdot, (in the middle)
now attends UA, so Miss S and her roomie stayed with her. Pictured on the left is
SC. SC graduated with this crew, then headed off to attend Mississippi State in 
Starkville, MS.

I loved knowing that these sweet girls were reunited again. It made my heart so happy
for them because they spent countless hours together during high school.

Here is Miss S with Bdot. They did not attend the Alabama vs. LSU game on 
Saturday night, but did get all dressed up to go to dinner together.

And here is Miss S with her adorable roomie.

Since we travel an hour to attend church in Tuscaloosa on Sundays, I knew I would
be seeing Miss S for a few minutes before they headed back to Tiger Town (Auburn).

Poor Miss S had been craving chocolate cake for weeks but due to her gluten intolerance,
she had not been able to indulge. So what's a Mama to do? Make her baby cupcakes
of course!

I bought this icing in a pasty bag for the first time to ice the cupcakes because we
all know what a messy task that can be if you're tying to use a knife to spread icing.

It took me a minute or two to get the hang of using a pastry bag, but once I did, this
was awesome. Definitely the way to go if you are trying to ice cupcakes. Much faster,
and way less messy. The cupcakes even looked pretty when I was done.

(And fyi... the cupcakes tasted great. No one would ever guess they were gluten free.)

On Sunday morning, Miss S dropped by the church to pick up her cupcakes and
indulge Mom and Dad with a few hugs before she was off again, and headed back to

It was so good to see our girl and get in a couple of hugs!

We are beside ourselves with excitement, and counting the days until she is home 
for 7 days at Thanksgiving!

Also on my mind today....

image found here
(graphic by August Joffe)

My thoughts and prayers go out to Sutherland Springs, Texas, for all those
affected by the mass church shooting yesterday, and also to our country. We
are living in sad and scary times.

Let this be a little reminder to never take a day, or a minute with a loved one
for granted. The next day is never a guarantee.

 Hug your loved ones, call your friends, tell someone how much they mean to you.
Make today count!

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  1. Your girl is just so gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to see her and get some hugs - the holidays make for a great countdown though, don't they?! Happy Monday!

  2. Thank you so much Melissa! Yes they do! Those countdowns keep me going. Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a wonderful week!


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