Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Koffee With Kristian

Hey guys and welcome to Koffee With Kristian!

I'm going to ramble a bit about what's going on in our lives and also share some
of my random thoughts with you. 

Let's pretend we met for coffee! You would ask me how I am, and what's going on 
with me, and here are some of the things I would say...

*  My back is so stiff and I am so over it! What causes stiffness anyway? Does
that mean there is inflammation? Gosh I wish I had a doctor in the family.

*  Today will be my first day back at work since I re-hurt (is that a word?) my
back last Monday. I hope I can pretty much get in and out mostly unnoticed. Being
a personal trainer that walks like a 95 year old grandmother is probably not great
for business. (I would likely roll my eyes at some point during this statement.)

* Miss S is driving herself to the doctor this morning, in Auburn. She feels and 
sounds awful and is afraid she has the flu. I am a mess because I want to be there 
taking care of her right now. College is cruel. Why do we encourage our children 
to go? I need to be with my child so I can make sure she gets better. 

*  If you could see my house right now, you would feel sorry for me. It was so
clean and presentable just 4 days ago. I had lots of help getting it ready to host 
Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.  Now that everyone has gone back to
their regular routine, I am left with a mess. Basically if I have used it in the past 
week it is now sitting out on a counter top. Bending hurts, so anything I might 
need to use is sitting out at waist level. Talk about clutter. Ugh, I can't even.
(again, more eye rolling)

Hubby had to buy a new heating pad for me because Roo chewed through
the electrical cord of our old one. Thankfully it was not plugged in at the time!
That story could have gone from comedy to tragedy in a hurry.

*  I don't mean to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself because I know a back
strain is a very mild inconvenience compared to what some people are 
experiencing. It just stinks because I was super excited about adding the
fitness component to the blog and to my YouTube channel, and now I find
myself sidelined. I don't want to let that idea fall by the wayside, so I plan
to film again as soon as humanly possible! Don't give up on me!

Thank you so much for having coffee with me today.  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Fur Babies and Football - A Weekend Recap

Hello again friends and family! According to the calendar, it is a new week,
and Thanksgiving Break has come and gone. Somehow I blinked and the
seven days that Miss S was home passed by in a flash.

With my back flare up, we weren't able to do all the things that I had planned
to do, but it was still wonderful to have Miss S home.

On Thanksgiving Day, Hubby had the idea to be silly and recreate a photo from
many Thanksgivings ago. Our girl may not be quite as easy to hold these days,
but in our hearts she will always be our little girl.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday afternoon, and time for Miss S to head back
to Auburn.

Hunter was feeling the same way Hubby and I were...

"No Sissy, don't go!"

I thought I had a better grip on this whole "letting go" thing, but as she drove away
my heart hurt just as bad as it did when we left her in Auburn on Move-In day back 
in August. 

Saturday, was a big day for Miss S. Her very first Iron Bowl game as an Auburn student.

This was her view at the game...

Here is Miss S with her sweet friend AG. Aren't they just the cutest?!

We certainly enjoyed having AG visit us during Thanksgiving Break. She is such
a sweetheart.

The game turned out great for Miss S, but it was a hard game for this Bama grad to
watch.  The furbabies will now demonstrate how I looked as I watched the game...

Hunter is demonstrating phase 1 ----  annoyance 

Roo is demonstrating phase 2 ---- bury your head because Bama looks bad

Shelley is demonstrating phase 3 ----  who cares about football anyway

But seriously,  I was really happy that Miss S's team won! What a memory for 
her and all her friends.

This was the view from Toomer's Corner of Auburn's campus on Sunday morning...

photo from James Spann's twitter

It's been a long standing tradition that Auburn fans roll the trees on Toomer's
Corner, and as you can see, they certainly did!

To read about the many fun traditions at Auburn University, you can

That was our weekend. I'm about to go do my physical therapy routine on my back. 
I spent many weeks in therapy four years ago with this same injury, so luckily 
I can recreate most of the treatment here at home. The worst part is that when 
a person has an injury, time and patience are two crucial steps to recovery.
Two things that most people (me) don't have much of!

Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Almost Thanksgiving

Sorry guys, but a Workout Wednesday video is not coming today. My back is hurting
way worse than I thought it would be by today, so unfortunately filming a video would
be impossible. 

I did have five of Miss S's friends in our house last night and their laughter and
excitement made me forget the pain for a little while. My heart was so happy
seeing Miss S reunited with some of her closest friends. We no longer have food
in our house, but it was worth it to hear all the fun and laughter.

Here is a throwback to Thanksgiving 2015. Everyone gathered at our house for
Thanksgiving lunch.

Tomorrow everyone will gather here again, so y'all please say a little prayer
that I can make it through with a little grace and dignity despite the pain.

I'm disappointed that I am not able to do all the things with Miss S that we had 
planned but I am thankful I will have another chance during Christmas Break.

I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate
you so much for taking time out of you busy lives to read my blog. Your comments
always make my day!

I will see you next week!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Miss S Is Home and I Vlogged About It!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

I hope this Monday finds you all doing well. Unfortunately this week finds me
with another bout of back pain. As I'm typing this I am sitting with an ice pack
under my back and praying that this is a short lived event. Miss S and I had so
many fun things planned for the week...

(As soon as I get over this, I will film a "preventative back care" video for
you because I never want any one of you to have to go through this!)

I filmed a vlog for you over the weekend and it will definitely be more fun than me
rambling on here, so let's get to it.

I hope you all enjoy the video and have a wonderful week!

I hope to have a Workout Wednesday video for you on Wednesday, but
it all depends on how my back feels. I hate being controlled by back pain, ugh!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Inspiring or Intimidating?

I believe that Instagram has become a huge source of inspiration for many
people. Just this week as I was scrolling through the feeds, look at the
Christmas inspiration that I found. The trees and decor are like something
that we could once only find in magazines.

(I left the names of the sources on the photos so if you have an Instagram account,
you can go and check out more of the photos posted by each person.)

Each photo is creative, cozy and beautiful.

After admiring all of these exquisitely decorating rooms, I was feeling inspired
to pull out my Christmas decor.

Until, out of nowhere, a tiny voice popped into my head and said, "Your Christmas 
decor will never be this beautiful. Why would anyone want to see photos
on your blog of your Christmas decor? This is what you are competing

And suddenly the beautiful images that I was enjoying and being inspired by, 
were intimidating me and making me feel less that good enough.

What in the world?

Thankfully these quotes came to mind...

This one is great too...

And then I remembered my purpose in sharing my life through this blog and
on my YouTube channel is to be real and share real life experiences, real life 
struggles, and real life emotions. And I remind myself that everyone's story is
unique and beautiful in its own way.

I think it works best for me to enjoy social media on a limited basis.
If I immerse myself in picture perfect images like these for too long, I start
to feel like my own life does not measure up. God certainly did not create me
to feel this way. He loves me and knows how many hairs are on my head! I
am fearfully and wonderfully made whether I have a $1000 camera to take
perfect pictures or whether I do the best I can with the camera on my iPhone.

Christmas is about more that how your decorations look and whether or not
you are able to post drool-worthy photos.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and about the love of friends and family.
Take photos if you want to, decorate how you want to, but remember the
Christmas season and our lives are about so much more that what we post

Just remember...

We are all unique and we are all worthy! So use social media to feed your
inspiration, but guard your heart and your mind and don't let it feed your
insecurities or fears. Live your life without comparing it to others!

I hope this post made sense to someone other than me, and maybe even
helped anyone that has ever had to fight that little voice of negativity
in their own head.

With Miss S coming home tomorrow (and bringing a friend) I will be
running around at about 100 miles an hour. Therefore, I will see you
back here on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week #2 - Workout Wednesday

Happy Workout Wednesday y'all!

I hope the middle of the week finds you all doing well.

Here is workout #2 in our Workout Wednesday series...

Take a few minutes for yourself and join the fun!

I hope you enjoy this beginner level workout, and I hope to see you all back 
here tomorrow for a regularly scheduled blog post.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

To Try Tuesday

Today I want to share with you an idea I found while wasting time browsing on 
Pinterest yesterday.

This is a list of tips for doing a quick speed clean of your home. I thought this might
just come in handy for any of you that have family heading your way for the holidays. 
This could very well be what I will be doing on Wednesday evening before 

The only idea I would change from this helpful little list would be the laundry
basket idea. I do see how this would come in handy for unexpected guests
but for me, knowing there was a basket filled with random stuff that had been
hidden in a closet would bother me. I like the idea of using it to quickly corral
the things that are out of place, but I would like to allow a few extra minutes
to return everything to its rightful spot. If things don't have a rightful spot,
then it is probably time to declutter! Which brings me back to where I am today,

I decluttered with no rhyme or reason yesterday, and was quite irritable by dinner
time. Because I did not use an organized system for decluttering, I moved, 
reorganized, or tossed probably 30-40 items, but because I had done this so 
sporadically, nothing looked noticeably different.

I desperately need to put a plan in motion and work on one room, or one area
at a time. Hopping all over the house caused nothing more than exhaustion
and chaos!

On the bright side, I did get in a workout yesterday! Working out was actually 
the bright spot in my day. 

Check back tomorrow for a Workout Wednesday video!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Grrreat Day on The Plains and a Sunday Funday Vlog

Saturday was a BIG day for Miss S and the Auburn Tigers.  Here is the Auburn
mascot, Aubie, helping to get the fans pumped for the big game.


The Auburn Tigers took on the Georgia Bulldogs at Jordan-Hare Stadium at
2:30 Saturday afternoon. Miss S and her sweet friend AG were dressed
adorably and ready to cheer for the WIN!

(AG is planning to come to visit and spend time with Miss S during Thanksgiving 
Break next week, so we are so looking forward to that! 4 more days!!!)

The game was unbelievably exciting! This was the first game Miss S had stayed 
for the entire thing. Usually she is kind of "over it" by halftime and is ready to
move on and find something else to do, but the energy in the stadium for this game 
was almost electric. The stands were packed and no Auburn fan was leaving!


Everyone knew Auburn would play well, but I don't think anyone expected Auburn
to beat Georgia 40 - 17. Miss S had a great game day to say the least.

On Sunday, I thought it would be fun to film a little Sunday Funday Vlog.

You can watch here or simply click the video below.

Plans for the week:

Operation clean and declutter is officially underway at our house. With the
holidays quickly approaching it is much needed.

Workout Wednesday is still in the works, so stay tuned for that on Wednesday.

Have an awesome day and I will see you tomorrow!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Missing My Creativity

Happy Thursday all!

It's a rainy, cloudy, kind of dreary and cool day here today. I think my creativity
level is a direct correlation to our weather because I have been trying to come up
with something fun, witty or worthwhile to blog about for almost two hours now.

I have finally come to terms with the fact that nothing fabulous is going to pop
into my mind this morning, so I am here just to say hello and do a quick check

Nothing particularly eventful happened yesterday. I just trained some clients,
worked a health coaching shift, and stopped by the grocery store. The grocery
store was as crowded as it might be the day before Thanksgiving, so I have no
clue what that was about. The store even had a sheriff on duty patrolling inside
the store. I got what was on my list and headed for the "10 items or less"
checkout and was on my way as fast as possible.

Today I have several things I need to get done around the house. Those
little "to do's" never go away, do they?!

I also kind of want to take down my fall decor just to "cleanse my pallet" 
before it is time for the Christmas decor to go up. I don't think I have ever
gotten tired of my fall decor before, so maybe someone should check my

I will share a quick picture of my boys and then I will let you get back to
your own "to do's"...

They spend a great deal of time just like this. Two peas in a pod, never too far

See what I mean? Two more pictures in almost the identical pose.

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday. If I come across something fun to share, 
I will see you here tomorrow. 

I never want to bore you, so if you don't see me tomorrow, I will be back 
with you on Monday!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Special Edition Fitness Video

Happy Wednesday everyone!

There is a new video over on my YouTube channel!

The video contains a heart to heart about my current health and fitness,
and an introduction to strength training with suspension straps.

You can watch the video by clicking here or you can watch below.

The suspension straps that I use in the video are very reasonably priced and are
available here.

Let me just tell you...

I am sore from this workout!

It was quick to do and wow am I feeling it!

I hope you will watch and enjoy! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Truth Tuesday - With Interruptions

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I believe I have shared this with you all before, but I am still loving and drinking
this Pumpkin Spice coffee on the daily!

I tried to mix things up and also ordered this Vanilla Creme Brulee flavor, but 
unfortunately I was not a big fan.

available here

I won't let it go to waste though. I will probably buy a bag of plain coffee and just add
a scoop or two to the regular to add a hint of vanilla without being 100% vanilla. I
liked this flavor last year, but for some reason this year, it just was not my favorite.

Well, I had planned to share much more here today, but these two are acting
like maniacs this morning!

Don't they look guilty?!

Can you even see the little red dachshund?

That little red wild man is 10 months old today! I think he must know because he
and his brother are in rare form.

Poor Shelley wants to lock both of them outside!

And no, Shelley is absolutely not on our kitchen table. (Oops. #RealLife. Sorry Dad. 
I know you are cringing right now as you see this! Don't worry, I will use 
Clorox wipes!)

I am hoping to be able to get a special edition post ready for you tomorrow,
but my to do list seems to be growing before my eyes. We will cross our fingers
and hope I can get that ready for you! If not, I will definitely see you again on 

Thanks for reading this post despite the puppy interruptions! Y'all truly are
the best!

Monday, November 6, 2017

From Tiger Town To T-Town

Miss S had fun with friends in Tuscaloosa this past weekend.

The Auburn Tigers played Texas A&M in College Station, Texas on Saturday,
so several Auburn students headed to Tuscaloosa to see their friends from high
school that went to The University of Alabama. They had a mini high school 
reunion in T-Town!

Here is Miss S and her roomie, with two of her high school besties. Bdot, (in the middle)
now attends UA, so Miss S and her roomie stayed with her. Pictured on the left is
SC. SC graduated with this crew, then headed off to attend Mississippi State in 
Starkville, MS.

I loved knowing that these sweet girls were reunited again. It made my heart so happy
for them because they spent countless hours together during high school.

Here is Miss S with Bdot. They did not attend the Alabama vs. LSU game on 
Saturday night, but did get all dressed up to go to dinner together.

And here is Miss S with her adorable roomie.

Since we travel an hour to attend church in Tuscaloosa on Sundays, I knew I would
be seeing Miss S for a few minutes before they headed back to Tiger Town (Auburn).

Poor Miss S had been craving chocolate cake for weeks but due to her gluten intolerance,
she had not been able to indulge. So what's a Mama to do? Make her baby cupcakes
of course!

I bought this icing in a pasty bag for the first time to ice the cupcakes because we
all know what a messy task that can be if you're tying to use a knife to spread icing.

It took me a minute or two to get the hang of using a pastry bag, but once I did, this
was awesome. Definitely the way to go if you are trying to ice cupcakes. Much faster,
and way less messy. The cupcakes even looked pretty when I was done.

(And fyi... the cupcakes tasted great. No one would ever guess they were gluten free.)

On Sunday morning, Miss S dropped by the church to pick up her cupcakes and
indulge Mom and Dad with a few hugs before she was off again, and headed back to

It was so good to see our girl and get in a couple of hugs!

We are beside ourselves with excitement, and counting the days until she is home 
for 7 days at Thanksgiving!

Also on my mind today....

image found here
(graphic by August Joffe)

My thoughts and prayers go out to Sutherland Springs, Texas, for all those
affected by the mass church shooting yesterday, and also to our country. We
are living in sad and scary times.

Let this be a little reminder to never take a day, or a minute with a loved one
for granted. The next day is never a guarantee.

 Hug your loved ones, call your friends, tell someone how much they mean to you.
Make today count!

I'm linking up here and here today!

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