Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Weekends, Weather, And A Birthday

Our big boy is 18 months old today!

Isn't he a handsome fellow! He is such a sweet, happy boy too.
Happy 18 month birthday to Hunter!

And now, let's rewind for a moment back to our weekend.

These two Alabama fans, headed to the plains on Saturday morning to
visit Miss S and also for game day as the Auburn Tigers took on the
Mississippi State Bulldogs.

The highlight of my weekend was this...
I love our little family of three.

Here is Miss S with her game day dates...

Besties for the win. Three precious girls right here!

It was a super crowded and crazy day! So many Auburn fans and so much orange 
and blue.

Here is a video I put together of some game day excitement...

On Sunday, we welcomed in the month of October with some nice cooler weather.

We were wishing we could have had Sunday's weather on Saturday. It was still pretty
warm on Saturday for the ballgame. Especially once 85,000 plus people crowded

Overall we had a great weekend. Hubby and I loved seeing Miss S, enjoyed the
excitement of game day, and are enjoying the hints of fall in the air.

Have an awesome day!

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