Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Hello again all!

There is nothing too exciting to share from yesterday or today, just
the usuals....  work, chores, errands.

I do have one bit of exciting news however.

Miss S is coming home tomorrow and my parents are coming to visit
and spend Friday afternoon with us. Her sorority has a formal at the end 
of the month, so we dropped off her new dress to be altered last weekend,
and she will need to be here to try it on and pick it up this weekend. She
also has an appointment on Saturday to get her highlights touched up so
she will be looking extra amazing for this formal. Her sorority has this big
formal once every four years, so she wants to look her absolute best!

In other news....  

Are you ready for this??? 2017 is flying by!

There are only...

12 days until Halloween

35 days until Thanksgiving

67 days until Christmas

and only

73 days left in 2017!

Can you even believe it? Where did the year go?

Which holiday are you most excited about?

What things do you need to accomplish in the next 73 days?

I would like to get serious about de-cluttering and not approach the
holiday season feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by our "stuff" and our
lack of storage space.  

I would also like to commit to a regular exercise routine so that will be 
one less thing I will have to put on my list of New Year's resolutions.

I won't see you tomorrow because I will be busy getting everything 
cleaned and ready for Miss S to be home.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!

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