Monday, October 2, 2017

Our 2017 Fall Decor

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I want to share our fall decor with you. I'm a little late sharing this year,
but nonetheless, I thought this would be a fitting post to fill the first post of
October spot. 

So without further ado, welcome to our fall home!

This is what you will see once you step inside our foyer...

Even the inside of our front door got a fun pop of fall color...

In our family room, you will find our mantel decked for fall...

And here is the little table Hubby built for me to display more of my seasonal decor.
Seasonal decor makes me so happy!

and another look from farther back...

2 things you may notice... 

1. the white lattice is there to protect our precious miniature dachshund puppy 
that is almost 9 months old. He only weighs about 6 pounds and could easily 
slip and fall through the stair spindles. The lattice keeps him safe, 
and keeps me from worrying myself to death about him getting hurt. 

2. The table Hubby built for me is still in it's natural, unfinished state because 
I am not yet sure what color I want it to be. First I thought I would paint it 
with chalk paint, then I thought I might want Hubby to stain it. I just can't 
quite decide, so I want to live with it, as it is, until I know for sure! 

Let's move into the kitchen...

and my little coffee spot...

And as we come out of the kitchen, the little hallway outside the master 
bedroom, even gets a splash of fall color.

A lot of people are now decorating with more neutral colors for fall, but I just
love the happy hues of orange and yellow. I think the warm color scheme 
makes our home feel cozy and festive all at the same time. I love having
our home decorated for fall. It makes me happy, and makes me want to be
at home even more! ;)

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside our home. Come back tomorrow
for our weekend recap. Game days in a college town are definitely an
experience. I will tell you all about it tomorrow!


  1. Great photos! Your Fall decorations are beautiful!! I love it all!

    Amy @


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