Thursday, October 5, 2017

Counting The Days + "Big" News

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm just over here counting the days...

Today is Day 7 for me having this gross cold / sinus junk. I am so over it, and
ready to feel good again. One minute my nose is running, the next it is stuffy,
and the next it is itchy, runny and stuffy all at the same time. 

I googled how long a cold typically lasts and found that 7 - 10 days is the usual
duration. I sure pray that I this thing is gone soon. Like I said, I am over it!

I'm also counting the days until Miss S is home for Fall Break. She will coming 
home next Wednesday, so that means only 6 more days until my baby girl is
sleeping in her room in her own bed again. That makes this mama's heart so
very happy.  I'm trying not to think about how fast Fall Break is going to fly
by, or about the fact that she probably won't be home again until Thanksgiving
Break. I am so thankful that she didn't go to a school farther away. 2 hours away
is plenty too far for me!

Also, today is the day Miss S finds out who her "Big" is in her sorority.
Each new sorority member gets a "Big Sister" and the new member becomes
the "Little."  All week long she has been getting gift baskets of goodies from
her secret Big...

How fun is that?! So exciting that she find out tonight who has been surprising
her with goody baskets all week long.

Hope y'all have a great day, and whatever you do, DON'T catch a cold!

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