Monday, October 9, 2017

Big Boys and Giving In

Last week both of our boys had birthdays. Hubby says they aren't actual
birthdays, but I say, life needs more reasons to celebrate.

So, I am calling these days birthdays despite what Hubby says.

Hunter, our sweet lab turned 18 months old on Oct. 3, and our precious mini 
dachshund turned 9 months on Oct. 7.

They can be a handful at times, but I sure love them and think they are worth

Roo is embracing being 9 months old!

He has gained enough confidence to go down the stairs from our deck to our
backyard all by himself! Take a look at my "big" brave boy...

That's 6 1/2 pounds of awesome right there if you ask me. Even Hunter is impressed
with Roo's new trick.

Roo is also doing other big boy things like lifting his back leg to go tinkle. I have to
say, seeing such a teeny, tiny, leg hiked in the air is an adorable sight.

Ha! You might be a fur mama if you think your dog hiking his leg is adorable! 
Am I right?!

In other weekend news, we made it through Hurricane Nate. We had a tornado
warning for our area Saturday night, and lots and lots of heavy winds and rain
on Sunday, but we are okay. 

I was not happy at all this morning to get the notification that Tropical Depression 
#17 is developing.


Thankfully, all we've had is wind and rain, and I am over it, so I can't even imagine 
what others that have been so directly impacted must be feeling.

Let's just have some nice fall weather and be done with all this tropical nastiness,
shall we? 80 degrees with 100% humidity just does not feel like fall.

Also, I am officially sick. I felt better on Saturday (after being sick for 9 days)
but this morning I woke up feeling worse. Fine, I surrender. I am giving up
on treating myself and going to the doctor.


Miss S comes home on Wednesday, and me being sick just will not do!


That is what is going on in my world lately.

I hope to feel better S O O N ! 

How was your weekend?

Are you tired of the wind/rain/storms?

Does it feel like fall where you live?

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