Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Officially Initiated

Saturday and Sunday were the coldest days we have had this season. Actually,
I think Fall got confused and turned into Winter for a few days.  

The new Alpha Gam initiates were supposed to wear a white dress, but most of
the girls looked more like this...

A white dress buried somewhere under lots and lots of layers!

It was a chilly, but happy day. Any day with my girl is a happy one.

The Feast of Roses was held at the AU Club at the Auburn Country Club.

I tried to take several pictures of the event location but this picture posted by
Alpha Gam was the best. The venue was spectacular and so beautifully decorated.

Despite the chilly temperatures, the celebration dinner was cozy and special.

Our dinner was Ceasar salad, chicken parmesan, vegetables, dinner rolls, fruit,
and a variety of desserts. Poor Miss S was not able to eat the chicken parmesan, 
rolls, or dessert, but the evening was very nice nonetheless.

It was so nice to meet some of Miss S's new friends and their families. We loved
everyone we met. We are so happy that she is a part of such a beautiful (inside and out)
group of young women. It was so strange to look at the Alpha Gam girls that were 
Seniors. The look so grown up. I am not ready for Miss S to face the world as a full
fledged adult. Time please slow down and let my girl be a teenager for a while longer!

I am off to a physical therapy appointment for my foot. Yes, I am so over going,
and so ready to be released! Apparently plantar fasciitis is a very slow to heal
thing. Frustrating!

Have a wonderful day and a safe and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Miss S Goes To Formal

Happy Monday everyone!

What a weekend!

Miss S went to her very first sorority formal on Friday night. The formal was
held at a location that remained a secret to all the girls and their dates until
they were in route Friday afternoon. The buses departed Auburn around 3:30
and traveled to Atlanta, Georgia.

Before they boarded the buses, pictures were taken. Here are a few of Miss S
with her date, two of her besties from high school, one of which is her current
roommate. Take a look:

Her date...

Her date was a super sweet friend that is in Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Auburn.
They have a couple of classes together so he was the perfect choice for a formal

Here is Miss S with her Talladega buddies! These sweet girls love to go to Talladega
with Miss S in the Spring to watch her cheer on Denny Hamlin. They don't care too
much for Nascar racing, but love to watch Miss S get into the race. I absolutely love 
that they came to watch Miss S take pictures before her formal, and even posed with
her for a few. Precious memories with precious girls.

I especially love this one...

And here is Miss S with her roomie...

Be sure to click that link because this place is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately,
since Miss S is gluten free, she could not eat much of the meal that was served,
and the music played by the band was not particularly her taste, but nonetheless,
she looked beautiful and enjoyed her evening.

In tomorrow's blog post I will share with you all about the rest of our weekend 
and about Miss S becoming an official (initiated) Alpha Gamma Delta member. 
I will also share pictures of the Feast of Roses that we attended with her on 
Sunday night.

Have an awesome day!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Favorite Fall Fashion Friday

I'm seeing three things on repeat as far as fall fashion goes.

First, I am seeing lots of plaid in both pops of color and in neutrals.

I'm also seeing booties and moto leggings like you see in this photo below...

I am all about comfort, so I am in complete support of leggings. If I can pair leggings 
with a long comfy top, and look this fabulous, then by all means, count me in 
for this trend!

I'm also seeing lots of long cardis again this fall...

I purchased two from Target last fall and thoroughly enjoyed them, so the cardi trend
is another trend that I am happy to see return for this fall season.

Thirdly, I am seeing lots and lots of this burnt orange color this fall.

I like this shade of orange much better and regular pumpkin orange and
am pretty sure this shade would be much more flattering on most people.
I know I certainly have never been great at pulling off that bright pumpkin

What colors and styles are you seeing this fall?

Which ones will you be joining in on, and which ones will you let pass by?

Have a wonderful Fall Friday everyone!

( All photos were found on Pinterest. Unfortunately most did not contain links
to the original sources. )

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Small, But Mighty!

Hunter loves to play with his orange bumper! If you throw it as far as you can, he
will race toward it, retrieve it, and bring it back to you as fast as he can. He will 
repeat this process until one of you is absolutely exhausted.

But, Roo has quickly grown tired of sitting alone on the sidelines, so he has learned
how to join in the fun by playing keep away!

Roo can be quite feisty during playtime with Brother, and he has let Hunter know
that if he happens to get to the bumper first then all bets are off.

Hunter is a precious, kind and tender hearted big brother and won't question whether or
not Roo really means business. He will stand politely by and wait for mommy to step
in and take the bumper from Roo.

If Hunter isn't quick on his feet, we will end up right back where we started...

If Roo is not ready to share, then Hunter is forced to find a new game to play.

It is absolutely crazy to see a less than 7 pound miniature dachshund determine the
rules for how games will be played!

Roo says. "Don't judge a book by its cover!" I may be small, but I am mighty!

I will see you back here on Friday. As you know, Wednesday is my "off day" 
on the blog and Hubby has an appointment on Thursday morning that I will be
going to with him.

Since I won't see you for 2 days, I will leave you with a link to the absolute
funniest thing I have seen this month! 

Miss S and her roomie made a silly video on Instagram and hopefully if this link
works, you can click here to watch. They crack me up and I hope it will put a smile 
on your face too!

(If the link doesn't work, let me know and I will try to find a different way
to share.)

Have an awesome day and I will see you on Friday!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Our Girl Was Home!

Miss S was home again this weekend and we were loving it!

She came home to pick her dress for formal that was being altered, and also
to get her highlights touched up. 

I got so spoiled having my girl home two weekends in  row! Out of 23 days this month,
she has slept at home for 7 of them and I am so very thankful for those wonderful times!

Now I just have to be tough and strong because she probably won't be back home again
until Thanksgiving. But like I said, I am happy about the times she was here!

While she was home, she slept in, we shopped, the fur babies loved all over her, 
and we ate many of her favorite foods. Life is good when we are spending time
with our girl!

Then, Sunday afternoon rolled around, and it was time for her to head back to school.

The boys didn't want her to leave either.

I love our little family of three and I love when we can spend time together!

Now I suppose it is back to the daily grind. I feel like I have a lot to do this week.

How was your weekend?

Do you have a busy week ahead?

I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Hello again all!

There is nothing too exciting to share from yesterday or today, just
the usuals....  work, chores, errands.

I do have one bit of exciting news however.

Miss S is coming home tomorrow and my parents are coming to visit
and spend Friday afternoon with us. Her sorority has a formal at the end 
of the month, so we dropped off her new dress to be altered last weekend,
and she will need to be here to try it on and pick it up this weekend. She
also has an appointment on Saturday to get her highlights touched up so
she will be looking extra amazing for this formal. Her sorority has this big
formal once every four years, so she wants to look her absolute best!

In other news....  

Are you ready for this??? 2017 is flying by!

There are only...

12 days until Halloween

35 days until Thanksgiving

67 days until Christmas

and only

73 days left in 2017!

Can you even believe it? Where did the year go?

Which holiday are you most excited about?

What things do you need to accomplish in the next 73 days?

I would like to get serious about de-cluttering and not approach the
holiday season feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by our "stuff" and our
lack of storage space.  

I would also like to commit to a regular exercise routine so that will be 
one less thing I will have to put on my list of New Year's resolutions.

I won't see you tomorrow because I will be busy getting everything 
cleaned and ready for Miss S to be home.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tasty Tuesday - Pumpkin Butter Glaze

This morning's breakfast kind of came together as a "hmmm, wonder what would 
happen if" type thing.

I woke up in a little bit of a funk this morning, and funks for me usually come 
with a "give me something sweet" mindset.

I was craving something sweet and of course pumpkin spice flavored. I couldn't 
get cinnamon rolls or doughnuts off my mind. Fortunately I have enough wits 
about me to know better than to have either of those things for breakfast on a 
Tuesday. As an occasional Saturday or Sunday morning treat maybe, 
but I try to eat a little bit healthier during the week.

So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a pretty darn good close
substitute for cinnamon rolls or doughnuts.

I created Pumpkin Spice toast with a Pumpkin Butter glaze and it was

Here is what my breakfast looked like...

Y'all it turned out SO YUMMY!

Completely took care of the cinnamon roll and doughnut craving. 

Let me tell you how I made it.

I used this bread...

and these ingredients...

This is what I did...

I sprayed my bread with nonfat butter spray, and placed it in a 350 degree oven 
on a baking sheet.

While the bread was in the oven, I poured powdered sugar into the measuring cup
to about the 1/4 cup line. I then added a splash or two of creamer, a little butter,
and a tablespoon of pumpkin butter.

I then stirred all the ingredients together to create a magically delicious
Pumpkin Butter Glaze.

I know, I know. It is possible that I need a pumpkin intervention, but I'm
okay with it.

What do you think? Yay, or nay on the pumpkin butter glaze? Have I gone
too far? ha!

Let me know if you try it!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Do It Again

Fall Break came and went way too fast. Was my girl really here for four nights?
Has it already come and gone? I think I must have blinked and now it is 
Monday and she is back in school. Sometimes I wish we could rewind to
the really great parts of life and do them all over again!

I told you in this post that Miss S came home last Wednesday afternoon for her
Fall Break. She had "the crud" that seems to be affecting most everyone right
now. She sounded stuffy, but wasn't overly miserable.

We were able to get out on Thursday and run some errands and also do a little
bit of fun shopping, but by Thursday night she started to feel worse.

On Friday morning we headed to the doctor to see about getting her feeling 
better. She was officially diagnosed with "the crud" and got and antibiotic
shot, and some allergy medicine.

After the doctor, Miss S needed a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. She loves 
the Kiwi Quencher so that is what she got, and I tried the Orange
Glow smoothie. Smoothies were a nice treat after visiting the doctor.

For the rest of the weekend Miss S got lots of rest and lots of attention from
the puppies.

On Sunday, we went grocery shopping so she would have the things she needed
once she got back to campus. Miss S loves peanut butter and joked that she 
needed one at least this big...

Before she left to drive back to school, Hubby gave her car a quick wash.

And then, way before we were ready, Fall Break was coming to a close.

It was so great catching up with Miss S. Conversations are so much better in person
than over texts or phone calls. And I slept better than I have in weeks knowing
she was safe and sound at home in her bed.

Having your heart live outside your body is such a difficult and painful thing.
If that statement sounds foreign to you, just wait. One day when your child
moves away, you will remember it, and it will all suddenly make sense.

But here we are today, and I have a flat tire on my car. I mean flat, flat! Hubby 
put air in it this morning, so hopefully it will hold long enough for me to drive 
over to the tire place and see what is going on and hopefully get it fixed without 
having to buy a new tire! The tires on my car are only three weeks old!!!

To quote Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know
what you're going to get!"

I hope you have a great day with no flat tires, ha!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Treats All Day!

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember from this post how much we absolutely loved the bartaco
restaurant in Nashville. I mean, the food is just so good!

We finally got a bartaco in the Birmingham area. It is located in Homewood, and
since Miss S and I had to be in Homewood for her dermatologist appointment,
we thought it would be the perfect time to have lunch here! What a treat!

We decided to go with a lunch special option. I chose the 3 portobello mushroom
taco on Bibb lettuce with chicken soup option, and Miss S chose 1 chicken, 
1 portobello, and 1 spicy chorito on Bibb lettuce with the chopped salad.

We ordered a small guacamole for an appetizer.

Oh y'all! Our lunch was so delicious!

If only I could figure out how to recreate these portobello tacos at home, I
would be thrilled.

After our delicious lunch, we had to pop in Miss S's favorite store in all the world,

She added two more pair of lululemon shorts to her collection and is now a
happy camper.

We also made a quick stop in Trader Joe's. When Miss S spotted this she immediately
requested pancakes for dinner.

Let me just say... When your one and only child and favorite girl in the world
(who is home from college on Fall Break) requests pumpkin pancakes for dinner, 
then pumpkin pancakes is exactly what you have for dinner!

I must say it was not a bad decision at all! Yum!

What a fun day we had. I love spending time with my girl!

Happy weekend everyone! I will see you on Monday!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Hearts and Tacos!

All is right in my world today!

When I drove in from work yesterday afternoon, this is what I saw!

Having this little white car in my driveway means my girl is HOME SWEET HOME,
and my mama heart is happy and full.

I am not the only one that is over the moon happy that she is home for Fall Break.

Hubby was here when she got home, so he had put the pups outside on the deck so they
could carry all of her "stuff" inside without being knocked down.

Miss S was in her room getting settled when Hubby let the puppies inside. He said
Hunter's nose immediately shot in the air sniffing, and he took off running like a bolt
of lightning to her room to find her.

We are all filled with joy that our girl is home with us for 4 days. So far, I would say
Fall Break is the best thing Auburn has done, ha ha.

We have lots of errands and activities to do over the next few days. Today we are
going to bartaco for lunch, then to a dermatologist appointment for Miss S, and
then on to do a little shopping.

I better take my vitamins now because I think it's going to be a full day!

I hope y'all have an awesome Thursday and I will see you again tomorrow!

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