Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tasty Tuesday - What's For Dinner Tonight?

This meal was so good and was not hard to put together at all. It also gave us plenty
of leftovers to enjoy for two more meals.

I was the brains behind this recipe, but Hubby was the muscle. He did all the chopping.
slicing, and dicing. My job was to shop for ingredients, then pull everything out. While
he cooked, I cooked the rice, grated the cheese and set the table. I'll take that deal 
anytime. If only we had a fairy come in to wash the dishes afterwards, ha.

Here's what we did...

Hubby chopped up about a pound of london broil steak.

Then chopped an onion, 2 green bell peppers, 1 yellow bellpepper, and 1 orange bell
pepper. We certainly could have used a red one instead of 2 green ones, but I suppose
we used what we had.

He added a little olive oil to the pan, and then cooked the steak for a few minutes
before adding everything else. We added some beef broth to keep things from
sticking to the pan during cooking. We added 1 can of black beans once the 
peppers and onions were about 1/2 way cooked. You could add the beans at
any time, we just didn't want them to get overcooked and mushy.

While Hubby was doing this, I made two bags of "boil in the bag" brown rice. 

He sliced two avocados and diced a tomato.

When all of our ingredients were cooked, here is how we assembled everything.

We layered these ingredients...

brown rice

steak/veggie/black bean mixture

grated cheese


diced tomato

sour cream


Y'all it was absolutely delicious. And it is also pretty healthy too. It is also
a recipe that is easily customized. The possibilities are unlimited. You could
use chicken instead of steak, or shrimp, or simply eat it meatless for a delicious
Meatless Monday meal idea.

We loved it and plan to have this meal on repeat at least monthly.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor and make it a Fajita Friday at your house
this week!

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