Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Weekend + Irma in Alabama

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is Monday again already?

When I left you on Friday, I mentioned I was taking my little 8 month old cutie 
to get his nails trimmed.

Nail trims is something Roo is not even a little bit a fan of. I have taken him
to PetSmart two times to try to get this done, and it has been traumatic for
both of us. He does not like the environment there, and does not want any
part of having them touch his feet.

This time, I decided to take him to our vet to have it done. He loves the people
there and the environment is totally different. I hoped this would be the answer.

I sat in the waiting area while the groomer took him back.

He did great! I didn't hear a single squeal, holler, or complaint. 

Here is Roo showing off his perfect pedicure on our ride home...

What a little precious!

On our way home from the getting Roo's nails trimmed, I could not help but notice the 
traffic! Highway 280 coming into Birmingham was like a parking lot.

When Hubby finally made it home Friday afternoon, he was commenting about
the interstate traffic. We went out to run an errand Friday night and he was right.
Traffic was a sea of Florida and Georgia license plates.

I had planned to go out and about to do a little window shopping on Saturday
but after seeing all the traffic jams on all of the roads coming into Birmingham,
I decided staying home would be the best decision for me!

Hotels and Motels in Alabama are completely full of Irma evacuees. It is just
so sad. I can not even imagine what those families are going through. It is
heart breaking.

Here is what our weather is saying will be the impact of Irma on Alabama...

Auburn University is under a tropical storm warning, so all classes are cancelled until
Tuesday at noon.

This is a peek at what the weather in Auburn is supposed to be like today..

And this is the forecast for Birmingham...

All the schools in our area are closed today and tomorrow too.

I think I will hang out at home today. Hunter has been watching the weather very
closely, so I know he will be happy to know his Mommy is staying in with him today!

Luckily, my coffee order that I placed from came over the weekend,
so as long as we have power, I will have my Pumpkin Spice coffee. 

How is Irma effecting your area?

Do you have friends or family that are effected?

How was your weekend?

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