Monday, September 18, 2017

Highlights + Homecoming

When I left you on Friday, I was up bright and early to find out what was going on
with my car. Luckily it was a fairly minor glitch and was fixed without too much

When I left from getting my car taken car of, I had a little time before I needed
to be at my physical therapy appointment. I popped in TJMaxx to check out
their fall decor, candles, etc. Of course I made a visit to the pet isle to pick out
a couple of new toys for the boys. They are always so happy when Mommy
brings them a surprise! 

I tried to get Hunter to slow down for a minute so I could snap a quick picture,
and I think he was afraid I might take his new treasure from him!

What a cutie!

Friday afternoon, Hubby got home from work and got to work in the yard. It had
been too wet all week from the three days of rain we got from Hurricane Irma
and he had not been able to cut the grass. When he was done with the yard work,
we decided to hop in the car for an impromptu dinner at Steak 'n Shake.

Hubby is giving me the "Do you have to take a picture of everything we do?" face.
Ha, yes Honey, actually I do.

On Saturday, when Hubby and Hunter were back from dove hunting (and not seeing
a single bird) we made a quick run to Walmart to pick up a few items.

With all the camo, can you even see Hubby? Ha!

Miss S had a much more exciting Saturday. It was Homecoming at Auburn.

Here is Miss S with her game day date... 

She said she had fun except for when Auburn's mascot came near her. I got a text from
her that said...


"i am not ok"

My poor girl does not like mascots even a little bit. We have tried and tried
through the years to get her to warm up to them, but have had no luck!

Here is Aubie all dressed up with Auburn University's Homecoming Queen,
Miss Morgan Gaston.

Morgan is one of Miss S's Alpha Gam sisters. How exciting!

(That photo was taken from the Auburn Alpha Gam instagram page and is not my photo.)

One of Miss S's best buds from high school was in Auburn with his family for the
homecoming game. After the game, Miss S and her roomie, had dinner with him
along with his family.

Ahh, it makes my heart happy to see these three together again. I really miss seeing
Miss S and all of her friends. 

Well, I believe those are the best highlights from our weekend.

I hope you all had a wonderful one, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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