Monday, September 25, 2017

Happiness Found

Welcome Fall and welcome back to A Kristian Lifestyle!

How was your weekend?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at our Saturday...

Do you see the happiness? Can you tell that for a few hours my heart was whole

On Saturday, I made the drive from my house to Auburn, and my parents drove
from their house to Auburn. We met up with our favorite girl for some shopping,
and lunch. Happiness was found! It was so good to be with her again. Actually 
being with a person you love is so much better than a few sporadic phone calls 
and texts.

I am seriously starting to wonder if I will ever get used to her being away from 
home. People promise me that it gets easier, but I am not seeing any proof of
that as of yet. I miss being with her everyday SO MUCH.

Sunday was much less exciting, filled with the usual to do's. We did end our day
with some takeout from a local Chinese restaurant.

Also, I've got a new fall movie from Hallmark Channel recorded on my DVR, so I 
do have that to look forward to watching one day this week. 

Falling For Vermont was the first movie in Hallmark's fall movie event this year. 
It was on Saturday night and my DVR was set. In case you missed it, the movie
will be on again Saturday, Sept. 30 at 6:00 central time.

Did you watch?

Have a Happy Monday everyone!

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