Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

HaPpY FRiDaY everyone!

Let's talk Friday Favorites today. Here are some things we have been loving

I found these at the Publix and Auburn and they are so good! I will be on the 
lookout to see if I can find more here, but if not, I am always up for a nice road
trip to Auburn, hee hee. 

Also, this Pumpkin Muffin candle smells so good. Why bake when you can
simply light a candle to make your home smell like you are baking?  It saves
calories too!

Hubby adding a favorite to the list for the week too. He loves fried green tomatoes,
and loves chips, and here you have both all in one bag. (I can not comment on how
they taste, because he didn't share, haha!)

Miss S added this to the list of favorites for the week. Her roomie brought it
back from home and they are loving it. She told me to head to Bath & Body
immediately to check it out.

Another favorite of mine is this little wild man. He turned 8 months old yesterday!
Look out Hunter, cause here he comes. Always ready to play!

Here he is again strolling across our back deck. He can be in the most adorable
pose, but as soon as the camera comes out, he is on the move. He is certainly a
challenge to photograph!

 And that's a wrap for Friday Favorites!

I hope you have an awesome weekend and I'll see you next week!


  1. Looking forward to maybe a Bath and Body Works haul/vlog. Maybe??? I get overwhelmed in there sometimes. I am some what sensitive to some smells and I can come out of there with a headache. So, I like to hear bloggers recommendations. I am going to hit my Publix up to check out those almonds. They look yummy. Happy Fall!!

    1. A Bath and Body haul or vlog sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the idea. I hope you find the almonds....they are so yummy!


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