Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Review - Maple Holistics

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm here today to let you know about a (new to me) organic and natural beauty 
product company called Maple Holistics. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I have been interested
in finding more natural products to incorporate into our lives and have
dabbled with trying natural products here and there.

(I talked about that in this post, and also this post in case you missed them.)

I was super excited when Hayley from Maple Holistics reached out about 
sending me their products to try. 

Here is what Hubby and I tried:

Hubby tried the tea tree shampoo. He was already using a tea tree shampoo
by Organix so he was open to trying this new product.  

The Maple Holistics tea tree shampoo is known for antiseptic properties, and has
healing and restorative capabilities. It is also cruelty-free, parabens-free, 
GMO-free, and even gluten free.

Hubby does not have dandruff, dry scalp, or any other issue that you typically think 
of when you think of using tea tree products, he simply likes the scent and invigorating
tingle from the shampoo. He says this shampoo is the perfect shampoo for helping
you wake up in those early morning showers before work.

Hubby rarely gets overly excited about products, but he is a huge fan of this shampoo 
and we will definitely be ordering more.

The product that I tried was this Silk 18 conditioner.

I was excited to try this conditioner because with my thick, course, wavy, dry,
colored, frizz prone hair I am always searching for a miracle product.

This Silk 18 conditioner contains 18 Silk Amino Acids. It promises to strengthen
and leave hair silky smooth. The natural vanilla scent is also quite nice. It rinses
out of your hair quickly and does not feel heavy or greasy.

I did like the conditioner. It absolutely does make my hair feel silky soft.
However, I still had issues with frizz. I plan to try this product again when
the weather cools off a bit and the humidity in Alabama is not quite as bad.
(Y'all, humidity in Alabama has to set some sort of hair wrecking record!)

I absolutely will use all of this conditioner, it does make my hair feel incredibly
silky smooth. If you don't have super thick, course, frizzy hair, then I honestly
believe you will fall in love with this product.  If you do have crazy course,
frizzy hair, with it's price of only $11.95, you may want to go ahead and give
it a try. It may not work absolute miracles for you, but I don't think you will
be disappointed.

Also, both the tea tree shampoo and the Silk 18 conditioner are safe for colored 

I encourage you to check out the entire Maple Holistics site. They have so many
products at affordable prices that I know you will find something you are 
interested in.

To try their products for free, click here, but hurry, the offer expires 9/30/17.

Let me know if you find a product that you love so I can try it too!

Have an awesome day!

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