Friday, September 22, 2017

A Night With Rick and Bubba

And just like that, another work week is wrapping up. And somehow the month
of September has almost gone too. The time is whizzing by at lightning speed.

Before the week completely gets away from us, I want to share with you what Hubby 
and I did on Tuesday night.

My dad is super active in his local Quarterback Club. The Quarterback Club is more than
just a time of food, fellowship, and fun. This organization award scholarships to athletes
based on academic achievement, school and community involvement, and financial need.
The club has been meeting and helping athletes in the community since 1941.

On this particular night, (which was also Ladies Night) Rick Burgess and Bubba Bussey 
from the well-known Rick and Bubba Show were speaking. (You can see all the radio
stations that broadcast their show by clicking here.)

Rick and Bubba like to call themselves "The Sexiest Fat Men Alive" lol.

Here is Hubby with Rick and Bubba.

We enjoyed the evening so much because we got to see and have a delicious dinner
with my parents and watch Rick and Bubba in action. They are so much fun and 
have the craziest stories to tell.

Today I am planning to head to a follow up doctor appointment for my 
plantar fasciitis and hoping to soon be released from treatment. I also need
to pop in Walmart for a few things, and Miss S sent me a list of things she 
needs from Ulta since I am going to see her tomorrow.

(All of this is dependent on my car cranking though. Last night when I tried
to leave the gym, my car battery was dead. Luckily the guy that works at
the front desk had jumper cables and could jump my car and get me headed
home. Adventure just seems to find me no matter where I am! I never have
to go out and look for it!)

I will see you back here on Monday!
Have an awesome weekend!

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