Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yay Me! I Was Productive!

Hello again everyone!

I actually was productive, between bouts of sadness and feeling sorry for
myself. I did actually get the College Move-In Week Video done.

I am putting zero pressure on myself this week and am allowing myself to
feel whatever feelings that come up. There will be plenty of time to tackle
my "to do" lists, but for this week, I am giving myself a free pass to handle
this time of transition anyway that feels right.

So far there has been lots of prayer, lots of pacing, and lots of White Collar
watching on Netflix, ha ha.

I appreciate you all for being patient with me as I find my new version of "normal."
Who knows, maybe driving to Auburn three times a week IS an acceptable form
of coping. Ha, I promise I am kidding!

Thanks for reading today and if you watch the video, I appreciate that as well.
I will see you on Thursday!

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