Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday Thoughts


Let's just be super random and informal today and allow me to share some of the
various things running through my mind at the moment.

Things like...

I miss Miss S like crazy. I miss her presence in our home, and hearing all the details 
of her day.  I also miss knowing when she was home, when she was sleeping, 
when she was studying,  when and where she was going and what time she would 
be home again.  I really, really don't like the fact that she has not had a single
vegetable since she left our home on August 11. College is not healthy for
anyone. She isn't eating properly, and my nerves are overwhelmed.

I miss our girl time...

I can't bear the thought of her getting her 1st red cup of the season with someone
else. Maybe I should plan a surprise trip to Auburn to be sure that doesn't happen?

Maybe I am being ridiculous? No, that certainly can't be it!

Apparently today is National Waffle Day? Who comes up with these things?
I have two left over pancakes in the refrigerator so I'm not planning on dragging 
out my waffle maker just to celebrate the day. No offense to waffles or anything, ha.

Today is Hubby's birthday!

I'm picking up Gigi's cupcakes today and we will take them with us
tomorrow when we go to Auburn to take Miss S to dinner to celebrate.
I know he is going to miss her being here tonight to have birthday dinner,
and is sad that she won't be coming home this weekend due to her sorority
having its Sisterhood Retreat, so going to visit her on Friday is the next
best thing. (And you better believe, this mama will be buying her baby some
veggies to eat while we are there.)

Also, I am planning to make a "Happy Birthday Vlog" as we celebrate over 
the next few days. Stay tuned! 

I may or may not have had Pumpkin Spice creamer in my coffee this morning.
Okay, I will confess. If Pumpkin Spice makes me feel better while Miss S is
two hours away, then having Pumpkin Spice in August is what I will do!

Side note...  Watching reruns of White Collar on Netflix also makes me
feel better for a few minutes, so it is possible that I am cruising right along
through Season 3. 

I guess I should get moving and be productive. I need to put out some
decorations for Hubby's birthday, do a load of laundry, but most importantly
this mama needs some exercise. I've been doing a terrible job of taking care
of myself and that needs to change!

I hope you all have a great day!

What are your favorite shows to watch over and over?

Are you ready for Pumpkin Spice season?


  1. Oh my this makes me want to tear up for you! Hang in there it has to get better from here on out. I am really enjoying the vlogs since I had no idea what happens on bid days. Take her back to Chicken Salad Chick and try the Broccoli Salad it is delish! Maybe not too healthy but it has a veggie in it:)

    1. Oh thank you! Glad you are enjoying the vlogs. I love documenting our lives in that way. I had no idea what to expect either! Great idea, and it might be something she could store in her little mini fridge to enjoy a couple of times a week.


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