Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Let's Catch Up! Life Lately...

Here are some pictures that you might not have seen...

This is Miss S and Roomie on Day 3 (August 15, 2017) of Fall Sorority Recruitment.

They look calm and happy in this picture, but believe me, calm is not what any of
us were feeling inside. It was a fun week, but also a terribly, terribly difficult
and stressful one.  Hot temperatures, long hours, not knowing who would
accept you and who would cut you. Whew! Recruitment is not for the weak.

I'm so happy all of that is behind us and Miss S has found her sorority home!

This cute picture shows the Auburn University Alpha Gamma Delta pledge class 
for Fall 2017. Don't you love seeing such happy, smiling faces?!

Miss S and her roomie had a picnic on Samford lawn before classes started last week.

They posted this picture on their instagram page, and then last Friday, the AuburnU
instagram page shared the picture again. All of their friends were texting them
about it and they were pretty excited!

On a less fun note, I am going nuts trying to get a certain adorable miniature
dachshund potty trained. He will go tinkle outside, but is just as happy to go
inside too. He tinkles teeny, tiny amounts, but he does it about 75 times a day!
I'm losing my mind over it!

He has also become a big fan of chewing lately. Just look at my rug that is under
the kitchen table.

This puppy stage is about to get the best of me. Mama needs two puppies to
settle down and give me a little break.

So that is what our life is looking like lately. Miss S having the time of her life,
and me up to my eyeballs in puppy destruction.

Someone send help! ha ha 

I'll see you Thursday!

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