Thursday, August 3, 2017

Don't Do It - 2 Products to Avoid

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I want to warn you about two products that I have bought lately that I 
will absolutely NEVER, EVER buy again.

This toilet paper by Charmin...

And these razors by Schick...
I ended up with these products when I was ordering my groceries online
from Walmart Grocery. For some reason, my normal toilet paper and razors
were not showing up on the website. I then wrongly assumed that substituting 
with either of these two items would be just as good as what I normally buy.

Once again, I learned the lesson of never assuming anything!

The Charmin Basic toilet paper is not soft, and is thin. It just feels like the cheap
toilet paper that you find in public bathrooms. Shame on you Charmin for putting 
your name on this product. I am very disappointed that this product found its way 
into our home.   I will be sure to not make that mistake again!

As for the razors, they do smell amazing with their Raspberry Rain scent, and
props to Schick for the pretty pink color, but that is where the compliments from
me end. In my opinion, they are just terrible razors. When I try to use them to shave 
my legs, I have to go over and over the same spot repeatedly and having to do that 
takes so much more time. For whatever reason, they just do not shave well. The razor 
burns as it glides over my legs, even on the second use. When I am able to replace these
with my favorite brand, these Schick razors will find themselves in the garbage can!

Just in case you are curious, here are the brands that I normally use and love...

and my favorite razors are...

I would never have thought that such a seemingly slight substitution would
make such a difference but it absolutely does. Enough so that I have taken
to my blog to talk about toilet paper of all things, ha ha!

Thanks for reading today and please keep those comments coming! 
I love hearing from you. :)

What products are you picky about?

Have you ever substituted a product and been extremely disappointed?

What are you favorite, non-negotiable brands?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I hear you on those razors. When I used them I felt as if it was pulling the hair out by the root and not shaving my legs. The seem to skip and pull, not smooth at all! How do you like the online grocery shopping at Walmart. My sister really likes it, but I just cannot seem to get my self together and try it out. Have you ever done a post/vlog on it?

  2. Hey Wendy! Yes, I love the convenience of the grocery pick up. I do agree it is sometimes hard to get yourself organized and plan ahead. For this exact reason, I usually end up using it about once or twice a month. Wish I could say I used it exclusively!

    Here is the link to the post I wrote about it from my first experience. It is a big time, energy, and stress saver!

    Just copy and past this link into your browser to read:


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