Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Classes, Eclipses and Swaps

Did anyone have an eclipse party yesterday?

No party here, just me and the fur babies watching on T.V and looking out
the windows watching the sunlight get dimmer and dimmer. I believe we had
about 93% coverage in our area, so our news station was also broadcasting live
from McMinnville, Tennessee because they were in line to have 100% totality.

This was my view on T.V...

They were saying on the news that snack foods like Sunny-D, Capri Sun, and Moon
Pies were sold out in all the local grocery stores. So funny! I'm sure all the
local elementary schools were making a full day of it though which would 
explain it.

Speaking of school, Miss S had her first day of college classes yesterday. I suppose
she is an "official" college freshman now.

Last night, she had her first sorority swap. Swaps are only for freshman and are 
supposed to help them get to know other freshman in a smaller setting.

The swap was 80's themed so this is what Miss S wore...

I sure miss being with her while she gets ready to go places, but this party
outfit selfie made me happy too.

As for me...

I happen to have the day off today, so I am planning to be super productive!
My plan is to start on one side of the house and clean my way through to the
other side. It's a little crazy to be looking forward to cleaning, but for some
reason I really am today. I am happy to be able to clean without watching the
clock and having to rush to work.

Well, with that said, I had better get moving before the cleaning mood passes, ha!

I will see you again on Thursday, which is also Hubby's birthday!


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