Monday, August 21, 2017

A Super Hot, But Super HAPPY Day!

On Friday, August 18, Hubby and I went to Auburn to see Miss S wrap up
Fall Recruitement '17. It was a long, hot, busy week for Miss S with lots of 
worry and stress. Miss S went into the week with an open mind, planning to 
find several sororities that she loved, but was totally and completely in love 
with Alpha Gamma Delta the moment she stepped through their doors. She did 
have other sororities that she really liked, but immediately her heart was with 
Alpha Gam.

We went through six long, excruciating days hoping, and praying that
Alpha Gam loved her and would invite her to join them. 

We were all absolutely overjoyed when Miss S opened her bid at 2:00
on Friday afternoon.

Our girl had been dreaming of joining a sorority for so long, and finally she
was invited to join the one she was over the moon in love with.

We are so happy for and proud of our girl! If you have never had a daughter
go through Recruitment week, you can not even imagine the emotional ups
and downs involved. I am so proud of the strong, intelligent daughter we have
raised. Her strength is truly an inspiration to me.

After hearing about and meeting many of the girls in Alpha Gam sorority, we are 
in love with them too. Everyone told us all week, to trust the process, and more
importantly to trust the Lord and that is honestly the best advice. We know Miss
S is in the place that God put her and are so happy about that.

Here is a vlog of our day on Friday...

I am 100% positive I have never sweated more in my life, but it was all worth it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and I will see you tomorrow!

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