Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Buy Something Pink!

Oh my goodness this morning was a zoo in our house. I kind of half expected
it, but still as it is happening, it's hard to remind yourself that the chaos is
not out of the ordinary, and should have even been expected.

Miss S is back to her daily babysitting schedule and was up at 6:00 a.m to get
ready to leave the house by 6:30. Hubby is always up by 6:00, so by 6:10 the 
dogs were in a complete and total state of pandemonium. It was like,

"Mommy must get up too or the world will surely end!" 

When Roo runs full speed through the house it's more of a challenge not to step 
on him, but when Hunter runs at full speed through the house, you start praying
that you don't get knocked to the ground like a bowling pin!

So here I am. Hubby and Miss S are out in the working world, and thankfully 
I have made it safely to my chair to sit and spend some time here with you.
I have a little while before I need to get ready to head out, and in a nice fairy tale 
world, I would have an unlimited budget to do a little online shopping to relax
from the morning chaos and to pass the time a bit. Unfortunately, we have a bill for 
over $10, 000 due to Auburn University by August 11, so it's looking like my old 
days of online shopping will be mostly online wishing for the next four years.

So, I'm going to stay here in my little fairy tale world and show you some things
that would be in my fairy tale online shopping cart.

I mentioned this one last week in this post...

To be able to zip around the house with this 5 pound, cord free vacuum would
be amazing. You just can't convince me that this wouldn't make my life easier!
And on the Dyson website, you can even customize your vacuum.

That's right friends. In my fairy tale world, I would be zipping through my house 
with a beautiful, cord-free Dyson V8 in PINK! 

Please tell me who wouldn't want this?!

I mean, what is $600 when it makes you happy AND makes your life easier?
Dyson should hire me to write their next commercial, yes? Or at least send
me their beautiful vacuum for free because I talk about it so much.

Okay, I get it, enough about the Dyson vacuum already....moving on...

Let's keep the rest of this fairy tale in the under $100 range, shall we?

I could really go for a new pair of running shoes. Now you all know I am
not a runner, but I am on my feet a good bit at work.

I am really liking these Altra shoes. If something has the color pink, it gets me 
every time, doesn't it?! I have really enjoyed my two pair of Altra's that I have,
and I am always up for a new pair. The cushioning and toe room is just phenomenal
in this shoe.

In keeping with the pink theme, I really want a pink Yeti Rambler. However,
I can't quite decide between the light pink or the bright pink. 

I would be happy with either, but if I had to pick an absolute favorite, I would
probably choose the bright pink.

I will show you two last things I've got my eye on, and then I will wrap up
this little online shopping fairy tale.

Jewelry is always a girl's favorite, and one can never have too much Kendra Scott.

I love these earrings...

These are the smaller Dani earrings in Rose Quartz..

I have several of the Dani earrings in other colors and two of the Elisa necklaces
and if you are looking for a little something for yourself, or for a special girl in
your life, you can not go wrong with either of these items. These styles are two
of my all time favorite things, and I would absolutely love to add the Rose Quartz
color to my collection.

Well, I don't know about y'all, but I feel better already!

Online shopping is fun! (Maybe even more fun than fighting the crowds in the
actual store.) Too bad my fairy tale shopping spree didn't come with actual money, ha!

Tell me, what are some things on your shopping wish list?

Do you have a signature color?

Happy Tuesday!

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