Thursday, July 6, 2017

Patriotic, Pink, and Cozy

Happy Thursday to you!

What a short week this has been, but what an ordeal I have had getting this blog
post published for you today! Oh technology, you rob me of all my patience


Here is a little video I put together with snippets from our 4th of July holiday.

Getting back to reality and going to work yesterday was a little bit of a drag, but 
overall not too bad. Just take a look at the beautiful sky we had last night as the 
sun was setting...

I kept noticing from inside the house that everything had a pink and coral glow to it.
The glow got brighter and brighter until I finally had to look outside to see what was
happening. This gorgeous sky was what I discovered once I looked. I wouldn't mind
seeing these spectacular pink clouds every night!

After the sky faded into darkness, it was time to get cozy on the couch with my book.
I had finished Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin earlier yesterday afternoon and 
was excited to start the next book, Something Blue. These are the first books I have
read by Emily Giffin and they are completely sucking me in. I don't even want to put
them down!

My boys are happy to snuggle while mommy reads. It was the perfect, cozy night.
When Hubby and Miss S made it home, we watched Big Brother from our DVR.
(If you watch, Cody has gotten himself into quite the pickle! It was kind of funny to
watch Paul leave him speechless and squirming.)

I hope you are having a great week! I will be giving myself the day off from
blogging tomorrow because the struggle I have had with publishing today
has worn me down. Let's all hope and pray that Monday's post will be a
much smoother experience.

Talk to me...

Have you read any Emily Giffin books? 

Which book is you favorite?

Are you watching Big Brother?

Does technology give you fits at times?

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