Monday, July 10, 2017

Mostly Quiet Over Here

Miss S is a happy girl this week! Since she is on 30A this week and I
am at home and jealous, I found a beautiful photo of chairs on the beach
so we can all be jealous together.

Without Miss S around, our weekend was pretty quiet.

The only exciting news was that Roo turned 6 months old on Friday, and
on Sunday, we celebrated having Hunter in our home for one year.

Roo wasn't much in the mood for posing for a 6 month picture, but he is
always ready to snuggle into a stack of soft, cozy blankets.

And just look at how much this gorgeous boy has grown! We brought Hunter home 
on July 9, 2016,  and he is now 15 months old and as handsome as ever!

With our gluten-free girl away at the beach, Hubby and I have been indulging a bit 
with BBQ sandwiches and pizza. To help keep things in balance,  I want to try this 
healthy recipe for lunch this week.

And Kelly, if you are reading....

I think we can head over to the Big Brother house to help Cody pack
his bags! Did you seen that expression on his face last night?!

Go Paul! Cody officially has no "friendship" ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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