Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's Get Caught Up, aka Picture Overload!

Last Friday, Miss S hit the road heading South for 8 days. She was so super
excited to go to the beach. She went with a friend from her graduating class
(and family.)

I immediately tried to occupy myself with projects around the house. I dropped the 
ball on the "Before" picture, but here is the "After" picture of my first little redo.

This is one wall in the area where our garden tub sits in our master bathroom.
The dark green walls are here to stay, because no one wants to tackle that type 
of undertaking! So, in order to lighten and brighten the area a bit, I opted for white

Before my little redo, there was one medium sized animal print type picture. The frame
was cheetah print and the picture had elephants, zebras, tigers, etc. in it.

The shelf that holds bath products was black and white zebra print before my redo.

First off, I painted over the zebra print pattern on the shelf and then paired down 
my bath product collection.

Next it was time for a new picture to replace the animal print.

Miss S had once upon a time had these frames in her bedroom. In one of her 
redecorating moods, these were one of the things she tossed. I gave the frames new life 
when I found printables from Pinterest that I wanted for the space, printed them out, 
added to the frames and then hung them. It may not be absolutely perfect or interior
designer approved, but I am happy with the update and that is what matters!

Also this week, I have rearranged drawers, cabinets, closets, and other small things
all while Miss S is doing this...

I'm happy she is able to spend some quality time with her friend because in just
a few short weeks, one heads to Auburn, and one heads to Mississippi State.

Times they are a changing my friends. Ready of not, they are changing.

My boys and I watched a Hallmark movie from the DVR this week. We watched 
The Art of Us. The male character was an upcoming artist / dogwalker, and
my boys were absolutely obsessed with this movie.

Hunter would sit completely still and stare up at the T.V screen. He would even 
whimper at times because he could see all the doggies on the screen.

Even Roo stopped playing for a few minutes to watch!

They were absolutely adorable watching the dogs on the screen. So, so cute!

Other doggie shenanigans...

Hubby gave Hunter a bath this week and when Hunter came back inside all soft and
clean, Roo had a fit. He barked and barked and barked at Hunter!

The only thing I can figure is that Hunter didn't smell like Hunter anymore. Instead he
smelled like shampoo and Roo was not having it! It took about an hour for Roo to 
calm down and accept the new squeaky clean version of Hunter.

This morning, my boys and I had pancakes together. They had their own pancake to

Yes, I do know they are rotten, hee hee! I say they are loved and all doggies should
be loved like they are.

Well, I need to get ready and head out for my hair cut appointment.

My laptop has been repaired again, and hopefully,  thanks to the Geek Squad at Best Buy,
it will stay that way. I plan to see you back here on Monday with a weekend recap.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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