Monday, July 31, 2017

Is This Thing On?

Hello again to you and to a new week! Yikes! Can you believe that today is
the last day of July?

I have two questions for you all today...

Where has the summer gone?


Is anyone out there?

The summer has certainly passed in the blink of an eye. Schools start back in our 
area in 8 days, and we move Miss S to Auburn in 11 days.

Come to think of it, 2017 is passing by just as quickly. It is only 115 days 
until Thanksgiving, 147 days until Christmas, and 154 until it will be 2018.
Someone please stop the madness! Time is flying by!

I ask that second question because it has been SO SUPER QUIET from your
side of this little blog. Some days I fear that I am talking to myself. Would you
guys please talk to me? Leave me a comment, like or write something on the blog 
facebook page, email me, send a carrier pigeon. Anything! Just let me know you are 
out there and that you are reading! Talking to y'all during the week is way more fun 
when I hear some type of feedback. 

While Shelley waits for us to love and adore her, let's talk about our weekend...

Hubby and I had a pretty quiet weekend, but Miss S had an amazing one!

Miss S, her roommate, and her their friend Allison left on Friday to attend 
The Oaks Retreat at Shocco Springs in Talladega, Alabama.

The official description of the retreat says this... 

The Oaks is a 3 day summer retreat for incoming freshmen at Auburn University and Southern 
Union State Community College. The weekend primarily consists of worship and teaching at 
our large group sessions, small group time with your counselor and fellow freshmen, and time 
for personal growth in the Lord. 

You will get the opportunity to hear from different campus pastors during our main sessions 
as well as our topic-based breakout sessions. You will also have the chance to personally 
meet the faces associated with various churches and campus ministries in the Auburn/Opelika 
area at our Ministry Fair. Prepare to learn, to grow, to have fun, and to be prepared to 
enter Auburn’s campus as a laborer into the harvest

Miss S had a blast! She is so happy that she went. She met many new friends,
and met and heard pastors and youth pastors from churches in the Auburn 
area speak and share more about their churches. She feels confident that she 
will be able to find a church to plug into once she arrives at Auburn. As parents,
this makes Hubby and I extremely happy.

 Let's chat:

- What are you looking forward to in August?

I'm looking forward to Bid Day for Miss S on the 18th and Hubby's birthday
on the 24th.

- What was your favorite memory from July?

of  July. I also enjoyed eating at The Cypress Inn Restaurant.

- Have you ever been to a weekend retreat?

Hubby and I went to a retreat at Shocco Springs in 2001 or 2002. It was nice to
have a quiet getaway with Hubby, but I can't say I was in a hurry to rush back, ha!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


  1. Hello! This is a test comment to be sure the comment option on the blog is working properly. If you are seeing this comment, it is working and ready for you to comment too! :)

  2. Hey Kristian! You wanted someone to comment so I thought this would be a great time to tell you I found you blog about a month or two ago and I really enjoy it. I would read then not read for a while. Then one day I saw a picture of your parents. Then I was floored!! Your Mom and I are first cousins!! Without putting too much in your comment section I am Wendy from Prattville. Your mom will know me. You have a new reader your cuz:):)

    1. Hello Wendy! Your comment made my day! I'm so happy to hear from a sweet reader, and then to find out that we are cousins is even more awesome! Mom is tickled too and says to tell you hello. Thank you for reading, AND for taking a minute to comment today. :)


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