Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Surrender

Hello again everyone!

Just getting this blog post out to you has been a complete and total struggle.
I know you are tired of this woe is me song and dance that I have going with
my laptop, but sadly I have fallen prey to more of the ongoing saga again.

I have spent one hour and 20 minutes so far this morning doing all of the tricks
that the Best Buy Geek Squad gave me to do. I have restarted and reset, until
I almost feel like I have completed and intense cardio session. My laptop will
absolutely NOT connect to the internet. It has switched itself to airplane mode
and is apparently planning to stay there until I decide whether I am going to beat
it with a hammer, or run over it with my car. Either option is looking like a good

I will never, ever own another HP laptop!!! Never, I tell you! Never!
I am so done with HP.

And just for good measure, our HP printer has gone completely insane as well.
It will not print black ink. It has new black ink in it, actually it has had two brand
new black ink cartridges in it, but still will not print black ink. It will print a very
faint shade of light blue instead. Isn't that just so stinking adorable?!

So, today I am risking my eyesight to blog to you on Miss S's teeny tiny laptop.
No, not her beautiful, perfect, much coveted Macbook, but her old, tiny 10 or 11
inch PC. I already have a headache from trying to read the tiny font on this tiny

So, my point to all this whining and self-pity is that I may be off the blogging grid 
for a few days until we figure out what to do.

In a perfect world, where I had money trees growing in my backyard, I would 
go outside and pick off several hundred dollars and go get myself a new laptop.
I would also pick off enough money to get myself one of those fabulous and
coveted Dyson V8 cordless vacuums. It weighs 5 pounds, and did I mention
that it's cordless??

But, much to my chagrin, there are NO trees growing money in our backyard,
and even if their were, Auburn University would be here any minute now to dig them 
up to replant somewhere on their campus!

Hopefully I will calm down in a bit, and will be able to make a rational decision
of what to do with this lack of functioning laptop situation. Blogging for all of
you is quite important to me, so I will try to rectify this extremely annoying
situation very soon.

It is possible that I will see you all again on Friday, but if you don't hear from
me you will know one of the following has happened:

1.)  I beat the crappy HP with a hammer

2.)  I ran over the crappy HP with my car

3. )  The crappy HP is with the Geek Squad and even they don't know what to do with it

I hope to talk to you all again soon!

 Pray for miracles, and maybe even money trees!!


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