Monday, July 17, 2017

24 Days, or 24 Hours?

Oh hello again Monday.

How was everyone's weekend?

Miss S is back home from her week long trip to the beach and we have 24 more
days until she moves into the dorms at Auburn University. My fear is that the
next 24 days are going to feel more like 24 hours. Gosh I know it is going to
pass by way too quickly!

But first things first. Let's take a quick peek at how happy the fur babies
were when Miss S got home on Saturday afternoon. This happy welcome
had been going on for a couple of minutes even before I thought to pick
up my phone to record so you can imagine what a warm welcome she

Having Miss S home was the high point of our weekend. We listened to tons
of stories from her trip and got to see all the goodies she bought while she was

Isn't the outfit she is wearing in the video adorable? I just love it. Her leggings
are from Victoria's Secret, her tank top and sports bra are from lululemon, and
her sandals are from Teva.

Luckily Miss S doesn't go back to her babysitting job until tomorrow so we can
have the day to get organized and back on the same page. I feel like we need to
go through all the college stuff we have bought, and all the miscellaneous
paperwork, etc. just to be sure we aren't missing anything. Also, drop and add
opens on Wednesday afternoon, so we need to get organized for that so she can
try to tweek her yucky, chaotic class schedule just a bit. Like I said, it just feels
like there is a lot to do and not that much time to get it all done.

Deep breath in.....

deep breath out....

It will all be okay...

I'm going to continue breathing in and breathing out for a few minutes,
so I will end this blog post here.

I will plan to see you back here tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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